The word prospecting brings to mind miners searching for gold.  Like mining, MLM prospecting is all about finding gold.  You will not find any gold if you dig in the wrong place.  The key to MLM prospecting success is to search in places that have the gold you’re looking for.

The Easy Way: Buying Lists

Some MLM prospectors swear by buying lists of leads from companies that specialize in gathering contact info.  But the people on these lists might not even be qualified to be a part of your business.  It might be convenient to buy lists rather than building your own, but it’s not the most effective method.

If you’re just starting your MLM prospecting efforts, buying lists is a good way to get practice.  But once you’ve got your pitch nailed, it’s much better to build your own list by attracting people who are definitely interested in what you have to offer

The Best Way: Build Your Website

Your website is the perfect place to do your MLM prospecting if you do it right.  A good MLM prospecting website acts as a portal to valuable information about your offer, giving prospects what they need to know to want more.  You should also give them the opportunity to sign up to your email list for even more valuable information in exchange for their contact info.

By providing them valuable information first for free, you position yourself as someone who can help them receive what they want.  By the time they sign up for your email list, you know they’re interested in what you have to offer, which means you’re only a few steps away from closing them.

Generating your own leads through your website is the most effective way to do prospecting.  It takes more work at first, but once you’ve got it going you’ll get way more sales than you will from working lists you’ve paid someone for.

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