Dry Heaving is one of the most helpless conditions of a person where he feels as if he is vomiting but nothing comes out from the mouth. Most people who suffer from dry heaving tend to feel better after vomiting. Dry heaving usually occurs after frequent vomits.

How To Stop Dry Heaving Using Home Remedies

Inability to vomit is the major problem of dry heaving. Visiting a medical professional such a minor problem won’t be a smart man task. There are some home remedies that a person must try before seeking medical advice. Let us move step-wise:

  1. Frequent vomiting dehydrates your body and you must take some fluid to keep your body hydrated. While taking water or fresh juices make sure you sip slowly. You can start taking water first. Check its response and then move on to fluids like juices, tea, shakes, etc.
  2. Now that you are done with consuming liquids and fluids, you must get those nutrients back which were expelled while vomiting. You can stop taking water and move to soups. Vegetable soups will help you to get the nutrients back to your body.
  3. After soups, you can take some salty snacks or toast. You may take milk toast or rusk.
  4. Start drinking warm milk. You can take breast toast dipped in the warm milk. Drink it early in the morning to get relief from the abdominal pain.
  5. Ginger comes loaded with several medicinal properties. It is a great medicine for many problems like nausea, dry heaving, and much more. You can feel some fresh pieces of ginger. Crush the ginger pieces through a crusher. Take a small quantity of water in a bowl and add crushed pieces to it. Allow the water to boil for 5-10 minutes on a medium flame. Strain the liquid and allow it to cool. Take a 1-2 tbsp. of ginger water to get relief. You may add some honey to the ginger water to sweeten it.If things aren’t working out in your favor, you can take some crushed pieces of ginger and eat with some honey to add taste to it. According to the researches done by the scientists, ginger is a great appetizer and helps to fight dry heaving.
  6. Sleep as much as you can and take rest. Give relax to your body and sleep as much as you can. Sleeping will relax your body and help you to reduce that stress level.  Irritation, dehydration, and urge to vomit will make you feel uncomfortable. Try to sleep and get relief for some time.
  7. You must avoid eating hard or solid foods. These foods will increase your trouble and worsen the situation.

You must take precautionary measures and try to stay away from eating or drinking infected foods or drinks.

Above are some of the best home remedies to cure dry heaving. Although, it is not a major problem but it makes a person irritated all the time. It is very important to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Before visiting a doctor, you must try these remedies to have control naturally.