Most factors which determine a good height are not in the control of humans. In simple words it is nearly impossible to make changes in these factors. One such factor is the body genes and nobody can alter their arrangement. Yet there are few steps which could be taken to get an increase in height. Most of these ways work in teenage and adolescent years when the growth rate is fast.

Understand the Game of Genes:

Teenagers and adolescents need to understand that height is a trait polygenic in nature i.e. it is not influenced only by your parents. Yet if a majority of people in your family have a shorter height, it is much predictable that you will also be short. There is nothing which could be done in this concept. A person gets a definitive height once he enters his mid-twenties.

Avoid things which Stunt Growth:

For teenagers it is very important to stop or reduce the intake of things which can stunt growth and in turn height. Drugs and alcohol in any form can reduce the growth of the body and so does malnutrition. Some more factors which reduce height are:

• Smoking: smoking or being exposed to smoke leads to disruption in growth
• Caffeine: it can have worst effects on your sleep and can thus lower the secretion of growth hormone.

Sleep Tight:

Getting a sound sleep is very important if you desire an increase in your height. Studies have proven that the children or adolescents who do not get proper rest and sleep are shorter. The main reason is because the growth hormone is secreted mostly during the period of sleep. The culture of sleeping late at night can thus make children lose inches on height.

Work on Diet:

Healthy diet is very much required for increase in height because it supports growth. The whole body of adolescents and teenagers is growing. At that point of time they need food which consists of minerals, vitamins, proteins, and even water. Healthy fats are very much necessary to get energy so that the child can exercise.

Work on Posture:

A good posture means standing straight. Children are in the habit of hunching and keeping their shoulders low. This has a worse effect on the growing spine which reduces the height in children.

Exercise Regularly:

It is very important for children to exercise. Most children today spend their time sitting in front of computer screens and their physical activity is very low. Engaging in sports or yoga or any stretching exercise is good for a child as it produces an elongating sensation in muscles and bones.

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Work on Immunity:

There are many diseases which put a halt on your height. Sometimes even doctors give such medicines which also have a negative effect on the height. Thus it is best for children to have fit body and a healthy immune system. Whole and fresh foods should be consumed in a large and varied quantity.