If you ever felt “less than”, or you found that others are hardly recognizing your accomplishments before you acknowledge them yourself, or you are constantly feeling the lingering struggle not to take care of your needs because of your unworthiness, you are not alone. Many of us are letting a harsh comment, missed opportunities, a small failure or mistake, and even our relationships cloud the joy of living and leaving us in a gloomy and blurred existence.

A Healthy Road To Better Self-Esteem

This is why we judge ourselves too cruelly just until we find comfort in our solace, left with no one to compare ourselves to, alone and negative, and this is the main roadblock to happiness in the only life we have.

There is a way to be free of these negative restrains. A way to accepting our weaknesses and strengths, to recognizing our positive qualities and finally taking care of our needs. This is how.

Cheer for Yourself

Always go with a positive statement, turn the “I’m a loser” to “I will win” assuring yourself you will handle everything that comes your way, encourage and support yourself on the way to making your goals.

Cheer for uniqueness that you are. Cherish every tiny thing about your personality that makes you who you are, be proud if you love to socialize with a small but true group of people, or celebrate your outgoingness in big crowds, don’t be ashamed if you enjoy romantic comedies instead of those brainy dramas and historic movies, your tastes make you how you are. Be proud of your uniqueness.

Let’s Get Physical

Getting adequate sleep, nourishing your skin and body, eating nutritiously are just the basics of getting in touch with your psychological wellbeing. You also need to stimulate your mind as much as your body.  Having meaningful conversation, enjoying communication with others that compliment you, reading will benefit you as much as regular exercise and light workouts. Find your perfect balance and fend off depression and stress, with such a light touch of effort.

A Healthy Road To Better Self-Esteem

However, if you still feel that the only thing that can lead you to a better version of yourself is a more drastic physical change, you can do this as long as you understand the risks and are in perfect health. That’s why plastic surgery is that popular and has such a positive impact when it comes to all esthetical flaws. If you’re a girl who hates her small breasts, there’s the option of breast enlargement. Or if you’re a boy that feels ugly when looking at the mirror because of your nose, there’s rhinoplasty. You should remember that this is a radical change that requires a great deal of talking over with a surgeon, family and even friends, and  if you’re ready for that – you might be ready for a big change.

Be Optimistic

Make sure that every morning you get up starts with a smile and an optimistic view of the day; this will surely bring happiness, hope and confidence. Listen to your inner voice, feel good about your choices because deep down you know they were right.

Be Creative and Caring

Gaining more control of your thoughts with creativity will set you on a brighter path – path of singing, writing, sketching or anything that gives you a freedom of expression. Follow your passion, make time for your hobbies and get involved with your community.

Even if you’re not most positive in nature, you need to practice self-acceptance and mark all of your qualities without judging yourself for weaknesses. There’s no perfection in anything, let alone in humans, so make the best out of your good soul and enjoy everything that surrounds you.