Purchasing a home is a major investment and since you’re putting down your hard earned cash, you want to make sure it’s a profitable adventure. Certain attributes will make it worthy, while others will be a nightmare when it comes time to sell.

Good Investment

You’ll find the following tips important when looking to purchase a home.

Good Neighborhood

A good neighborhood is not only beneficial when it comes to selling your home, it’s also necessary to ensure your safety. Living in a crime ridden area can be frightening, especially for single women living on their own. It also helps to choose a stable area that is near public transportation. Many homeowners look for a dwelling that can take them into the city on business easily and with little traffic nightmares.

For example, the Washington D.C. area is one of the hottest destinations at present and home values have seen zero to little decline. However, many people who are moving to the area prefer to look for property outside of the beltway. For this reason, Alexandria real estate has become very valuable since it is close to the city and is an ideal location for people of all age groups.

Excellent Schools

It doesn’t matter if you have children or not, an excellent school district can have quite the impact on your housing. You’ll want to choose a school district with decent test scores, great reputation and minimal class size.

Centrally Located

A dwelling should also be centrally located. This is a feature that is not only a bonus for families with children, up and coming executives will also want to be in the mix of things. This could include public transportation, the hottest restaurants, library facilities, shopping, healthcare, parks, recreational activities, entertainment and festivals. Another important factor to consider is the upkeep of the nearby dwellings, so you’ll want to drive around the area to make sure properties are being properly maintained.

Supply and Demand

Most people want what they can’t have and a well-known area where homes are at a minimum can be tempting to homeowners. Some subdivisions are extremely popular and have a waiting list to get into them. What makes an area favorable could be the location, prime schools and amenities. When choosing new construction, you want to find out the number of homes being built in the development before making a commitment. Too many dwellings could make it difficult to sell in the future.

Features and Amenities

The exterior and interior features of a home could make your investment a wise selection, especially when it has money saving amenities such as energy efficient appliances and heating and cooling elements. Not only will this help conserve energy, you could also enjoy substantial savings on your utility bills.

Spacious Kitchen

One of the most prominent rooms in a home is the kitchen. This is the place where most people entertain and spend a majority of their time. An updated kitchen with granite counter tops, upgraded cabinetry and top of the line appliances can help promote a home’s and up its value.

Making a wise investment is easy when you enlist the help of a real estate agent. They can help with everything from locating the ideal setting, negotiating a fair price and making sure it’s a sound investment.

Researcher Nadine Swayne shares this information for those looking to purchase a home. Located just outside of Washington D.C., Alexandria real estate is in high demand; the strong job market and excellent school system make it a great place to purchase a home.

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