You don’t need to break the bank to enjoy romance in Tampa, Florida. From wine tasting and a picnic on the beach to a dog park and botanic gardens, you’re sure to keep that spark alive with the following romantic date ideas.

Budget-Friendly Romantic Ideas

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is the ideal romantic setting that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Take a tour of what is known as the Napa Valley of Tampa, at popular vineyard Keel and Curley. This typically includes wine tasting, a tour of the facility and viewing the breathtaking scenery of the area. However, to allow yourselves the peace of mind knowing that you can indulge without paying the price of getting in an accident or needing a Tampa DUI Attorney, you may want to think of another mode of transportation such as a cab when visiting a winery.

Fun in the Sun

If you live in Florida, no romantic date is complete without a day at the beach. Plan to pack a picnic, blankets, lawn chairs and an umbrella. You can spend the entire day or come for the actual sunset to culminate the day. A picnic lunch or supper can be easily transported with food, utensils, chairs and flowers for your significant other.

Bike Ride

Throughout the state there are interesting scenic views and nature trails. Traversing the area on bikes allows you to take in the sights, sound and beauty up close and personal. Between the beautiful mansions, palm trees and flowering plants, you’re outdoor excursion is ideal for any time of the day. You could plan on stopping for ice cream or lunch to top the adventure.

Dog Park

If you’re dog lovers, you can spend romantic time together chatting with your partner and watch your favorite pooch frolic near the water. This romantic setting allows animal lovers to spend quality time together and include their special canine friend in the mix. There are a host of animal friendly eateries where you can conclude the afternoon of fun.

Festivals and Live Music

With picture perfect weather year-round, you can take advantage of the local festivals and musical venues that the area offers. Florida has an assortment of festivals that go on throughout the year, and you can enjoy perusing the food displays and entertainment while walking around hand in hand. Live music is also enjoyable and entertaining, especially when you can enjoy the various musical tastes without spending any money.

Skip Dining Out

Dinner can be a costly affair, especially when drinks and appetizers are included. Dessert is typically the most romantic part of the meal, and you get to indulge your sweet tooth in something decadent and delicious. Grab a couple of cupcakes or chocolate dipped strawberries, pack some champagne on ice and head to the beach or park to watch the sunset. The area also boasts some great outdoor dessert rooms where you can dress up and take in the ambiance.

Conventional methods of romance with dinner, wine, flowers and concerts can be costly, especially for couples on a budget. Thinking outside of the box allows you to spend time together romantically and do things that you wouldn’t normally do.

Giovanna O’Neal is a city girl who enjoys escaping to take time and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. She shares this article to support Tampa DUI Attorney, Katz and Phillips’ efforts to aid responsible behavior. Whether your traffic matter is simple or complex, they will not only take care of your current needs, but will help you prepare and plan for growth.

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