Every part of your visible body matters when it comes to making an exquisite look. From head to toe, you should ensure that all aspects are in order and match sparingly. The hairstyle is particularly the first thing other people will lay their eyes on. Most people judge you by the way you make your hair. Even when searching for a dress to put on, hairstyle matters. Especially for ladies, a sexy look and a captivating sex appeal are achieved when the hairstyle is made upfront. With the dress, the neckline style determines the hairstyle. Failure to consider this, it result to a flat appearance. Some of the key factors to consider when choosing hairstyle ideas for girls include:

  • Your Mood – this is an important determinant of your hairstyle. When feeling flirty and fun, incorporate colorful clips and braids in your hairstyle. When your mood is sober, ponytails full of curls will do you good.
  • Your Neckline – the neckline of the dress determines how to shape and style the hair. If the neckline is too exposing, consider an updo half up and half down.
  • Your Dress Length – the length of the dress you put on inspires the conservative nature or flirty you are. This is important if you want to look fluid.

Despite these considerations, there are several best hairstyle ideas for girls that suit all types of dresses. Such hairstyles are easy to make and manipulate depending on the dressing code chosen. Among the top 5 hairdos include:

1. The Layered Lob

The ever-trendy lob is considered a hairstyle for many. However, it gets better with time regarding texture compared to the past years. Getting the services of stylists will enable you to get rid of the old trendy lob replacing it with the layered lob. This implies that there are lots of layers coming into play. This style auger well with almost all types of faces and dress codes. It is suitable for table dinners, events, parties, beach weddings and any other type of activity that needs a decent and formal look.

2. Undone Updos

The initial basic buns and braids, which were the common updos are gone. Currently, airy and romantic hairdos are warming the red carpets. With this style, through a combination of various hairdos and manipulation, soft layers of hair camouflage the face is the resultant feature. Updos are of several types. Some suit long hair while others appear intriguing with short hair. Depending on your hair size and preferred updo, therefore, find a specialist or do this on your own.

3. Au Naturel

Many people think and believe that excessive heat styling, using drying and flat ironing are the only leads to an exquisite look. However, currently, the best hairstyle ideas for girls do not include these workouts. Lead by renown models and actors including Alicia Keys, letting the natural curls loose is the way. Additionally, it is a natural way of showing off your natural beauty.

4. Relaxed Ponytails

Ponytails are among the common and most used hairstyles for hairdressers. However, with its intensive usage came ideas and innovations regarding the same. Currently, there are wide arrays of varieties of ponytails. For individuals longing to have a hairstyle that suits any dress code, the relaxed ponytail is your take. Due to the many ponytail ideas, ensure that you consult the services of an experienced individual.

5. Deep Side Part

This hairdo is considered to be the most dramatic hairstyle. However, this idea can switch your everyday look. To attain this, line the part up paralleled to your eyebrow. Create a clean line using a comb or whatever tool. Ensure that the line continues straight into the back. After this, tuck the less-prominent side of your hair behind your ear and leave the other three-quarters flowing naturally over the side head. This creates a sparingly super glam style. You can switch the less prominent sides from left to right depending on your clothing for the day.


Hairstyles and hairdos trend daily with the inception of new hairstyles into the market. However, most of these styles suit specific types of faces or match with a specific type of clothing. Due to this, finding the perfect style for your face may deem challenging. Make consultations with friends, hair experts and search extensively the internet for the best ideas. This will open up your thoughts and inceptions concerning new hair styles. Additionally, find a good dresser who can pick a suitable dress auguring well with your already made hairstyle. Other styles that go with any dress include afros, asymmetric cuts, beehive, bettie page and big hair. For best looks, it is prudent hiring the services of an expert.