Whether you want to do more for others because you feel it’s your duty, you want to “pay it forward” after receiving help or you get credit at school or work for volunteering, the world is filled with charitable organizations and programs. You also do not have to give money to provide assistance that positively alters lives.

Looking For More 3 Ways To Have More Charity In Your Life

Spread Awareness About Charities

Some people have schedules that interfere with their ability to do more or health problems that make it impossible for them to donate or physically involve themselves in fundraisers. “Testimonial” advertising is often just as useful to charities as financial donations. Tell your family, friends and co-workers about charities that you support. Engage them in conversations about why you feel that these charities are so important and do good works. Take as little as five or ten minutes out of your day to spread awareness on your social media accounts through written, image and video posts with links to the charities.

If you’re interested in helping a particular charity, you could do some research online for public relations tips when working with charities. There are many affordable resources out there like Wix, Hootsuite, and SquareSpace that can help you design and organize your online campaigns. Do research, ask your fellow colleagues and other charities what resources they use for their marketing campaigns. It’s amazing what kind of information and tools you can come up with just by asking other for help as well.

Participate In Charity Events

If you can get more involved, sign-up with a favorite charity’s local branch or chapter. Provide them with a list of your skills or offer to perform certain services. For example, if you have a graphic design background, you might offer to create a logo that the charity can put on t-shirts that it plans to sell. In general, you might offer to drive people to an event or pick up supplies. If you are unable to physically get involved, you can still participate. Write a blog post about the charity or ask one of the charity’s leadership if you can interview them live on social media. Post information about upcoming charity events on your website and link to events whenever you comment or post anywhere, including in every email you send.

Donate To A Charity Service

Several charitable organizations and businesses serve as middle men that provide services to charities and non-profit organizations. You can help out in a variety of ways. For example, donate an old vehicle to places like Action Donation Services, so that it can be fixed up and donated or sold at a low price to a charity, non-profit, family or individual who needs transportation. Other items that people often have difficulty buying new include major appliances and medical supplies.

As you can see, you do not need to be rich or a celebrity to act in a charitable fashion. All you need is a big heart, a creative mind and passion for your cause.