Great Pool Games To Play With Your Kids

Have you recently installed an amazing pool in your back yard area? Are you looking for interesting and unique ways to engage in safe fun with your kids while using the pool? Are you really just looking for excuses to stay in the pool as long as possible while entertaining your kids? Whatever the reason is, it does not matter because there are tons of really fun pools games that you can play with your kids that are also safe.

Pool games to buy

The pool games that are out on the market these days are unbelievable; however, some of them can get pretty pricey. Furthermore, depending on the ages of your children, you can end up purchasing games that you cannot even use for very long because as children grow up and they quickly lose interest in the games. There are ways to make your own games up, using imagination or household items that are inexpensive or you already own. Here are a couple of great pool games that you can play with your kids for little or no cost to you.


The first awesome pool game that you can play with your kids involves the use of red SOLO cups, and goggles. Most families have a stash of the red plastic SOLO cups hidden in a closet somewhere. However, the color does not matter it is only suggested to be red because it will stand out in the water and under the water. The kids will sit on the steps of the pool and close their eyes while you go around the pool putting the cups in the water.

Some of them will float on the top of the water all around the pool area, while others will be filled with water so that they sink to the bottom of the pool. Kids will be given a count down and then they will be released to battle to collect the greatest amount of red cups. Whoever collects the greatest amount of red cups will be declared the winner. This is an easy game to set up, and does not cost much. Furthermore, it is a healthy and fun way to promote a friendly competition that will get them all physically active and having fun.

Marco Polo

Another really awesome pool game that will not cost you anything is known as “Marco Polo.” This is a fun game that has been around for a really long time. One child is selected to be “it” while the rest of the players are now tasked with keeping away from the person who is “it.” The person who is “it” will close his or her eyes and count to ten. While the one person is counting, everyone else will hide out around the pool area.

Once the person who is “it” is finished counting, he or she will declare, “Ready or not here I come!” Then without opening his or her eyes, the person who is “it” must swim or walk around the pool area until he or she tags someone else. Everyone else can have his or her eyes open and the game is to stay away. Oh, one more thing, if the person who is it feels that someone is out of the pool that is involved in the game then he or she will declare, “Fishy out of water!” If there was a player that was out of the pool, then that person is now “it.” If there was not anyone out of the water, then the same person has to count to ten again and start the round over.

So the moral of our story is that games do not have to be expensive toys.  Simple search and find games, old favourites like Marco Polo and anything else you can make up will ensure the kids have fun in the water.

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