Just a quick glance out of the window will inform you that summer has indeed started and for a limited time only it is that time of year when we all like to get outside and have a bit of fun.

The school summer holidays represent the perfect chance to spend some quality time with your children but also throws up the conundrum of how to keep them amused and safe at all times.

It is important that children remain active during the summer period so don’t be afraid to let them loose in the great outdoors, but you should always be on hand to make sure safety is accounted for as well as fun. So how do you go about ensuring your children enjoy an exciting yet unharmed summer break?

The Beach –

The beach is a great place take a trip to in the summer. You have everything you need; mountains of sand in which the children can play, ice creams on tap if you wanted them and the beautiful blue sea is always there when you need to cool off.

However this is where the beach can become dangerous. Although the sea is great fun it can soon become a cruel mistress and catch you out with its current and changing tides.

Always ensure that you only swim in the area marked out with flags and that there is a lifeguard on duty. Keep children close and encourage them to stay within a comfortable depth.

Picnics In The Park –

A picnic in the park can be the perfect family day out and is something that can be easily done on a budget. You can make the journey part of the fun by walking there together or taking a bike ride, or you could drive straight to the park and save the fun until you get there.

Most parks will have their own playground equipment which your children will find great fun, but it is important to make sure it is suitable. Have a quick check before hand to see if any of the equipment is unsafe or if there is any broken glass around as this could easily cause an accident.

It is also a great idea to find a playground with effective safety features. Playground surfaces such as rubber play tiles will drastically reduce the chances of an accident and will give you valuable piece of mind.

A Brilliant BBQ –

There’s something about the sun coming out that instantly makes us all want to go outside and cook food on a charcoal fired grill. It doesn’t matter if it starts to rain or the wind is constantly blowing the flames out; there’s sure to be a BBQ happening somewhere.

BBQs are a great way to bring everyone together and enjoy the sunshine but there are a few precautions to take when there are children around.

It’s best to keep them well away from the cooking area and to never leave the BBQ unattended as they could easily wonder over and attempt to play chef. Find them a safe area of the garden in which to play and always keep an eye on them. It’s also important to ensure that all the food is cooked well as a bout of food poisoning is sure to ruin anyone’s summer.

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Chris Mayhew spends a lot of time with his neice and nephew during the summer and realises the importance of child safety when outside having fun. He would recommend Smith Brothers for anyone wanting to install any kind of safety surfacing.