Texting is the thing for this age, and I bet some of us are forgetting how to write (literally). Letting people we are fond of know our affections towards them, and the reasons behind it, is an awesome way of declaring our love and elucidate our sensations. Considering that texting is one of the main means of communication at this age, you may be wondering how to do it correctly and just hit the right spot, to convey your message to that special someone. Here are some tips to get this burden off your shoulders and deliver your heart with ease. Cut to the chaselt is a stinky habit that we have developed for playing around with words, trying to look cool, and we get trapped in grandiloquence that we frequently spoil what we meant to say to begin with. The easiest way to make yourself unique and down to earth is by being fresh. Some people get bored just by looking at a lengthy text message. Make your love SMS as short as feasible. Don’t tap or key in too sophisticated texts. Use a simple language to the best of your ability. Don’t let your recipient consult a dictionary or ask someone else to decode your message.

Originality the best appreciated texts are authentic. Quiz yourself while in the process of texting, “Does this sound like me..?” When you intend to convey something real, it will sound best originating from the genuine you I don’t mean that you should key in your texts as literary works. If you’re a down to earth kind of individual, with simple thoughts, then that should be reflected in your love SMS. If you are an individual of intellectual or artistic mind, the let that be underlined in your love SMS (figuratively). Be authentic; go straight to the point and declare your sensations in your own words.

Relax when keying or tapping in your love text, don’t take it too seriously. Lighten up and have fun in the process.

Creativity Be creative to the best of your ability. Sometimes creativity is the simplest thing (consider the current Windows logo), and at times it may be quite complex. All that matters is that you are doing something from the depth of your soul. Don’t write your name in the texts; mystery is entertaining and contagious. Try a short poem; lt’s beautiful tonight, Not afraid of screams, Sleep tight. Dream of lovely creams, Goodnight And Sweet dreams. Or a simple riddle that revolves around your target, or just say something nice in the regular text format.

Inspiration Prior to tapping or keying in your text, close your eyes and think about your target. Consider what you can do for them, think emotionally, how was your life like when he or she was not a part of it Consider how life would be like if he or she was not with you. Consider the first thing that comes to mind when you think of him or her Let that inspire you…

Proof Read understand that this is not school, and Mrs. Sthg is not going to grade you Nevertheless, grading still happens; even with short forms, and abbreviations. Just make sure everything sounds as it should because it will reflect badly on you when it doesn’t. No one likes to be thought of as illiterate, dumb or incompetent.

Remember; It’s No Big deal…Anytime we text, we risk ridicule and embarrassment, both publicly and in private. Nevertheless, nothing worth doing is entirely without risk. Even if it does not attain its aim, even if it blows in your face, the risk is worth it It’s no big deal. However it goes, you’ll survive it, and live to love sms better another day. Have fun!