Modeling is a term with which we associate glamour, fame, expensive designer wear, ramp walks and off course paparazzi. Well, to some extent it is true but we must keep in mind that promoting a commercial product and or to serve as a subject to display a work or a concept of art is also modeling. Generally, a model is an individual who is employed to promote a certain product or products which might range from clothing to fitness supplements. It is thus distinguished from other types of showmanship such as acting, dancing, or even stage plays for that matter. Although the boundary is not well defined we can look at a few well known and popular types of modeling:


·         Fashion models: One of the more important categories of conventional modeling. These models can be used to promote various products pertaining to clothing, cosmetics, commercial print media, glamour collections, photography, or any product or entity related to the world of fashion. They can appear in ramp walks, Television advertisements, pictures, hoardings or even magazines.


·         Fitness models: Their main scope lies in the promotion of fitness programs or groups providing physical training.

·         Promotional Models: Product endorsement is the main sphere of work they are provided with. Therefore, marketing campaigns and advertising media closely work with people related to this particular category of modeling. They promote products in an effort to attract a particular community or type of customers.

·         Spokes models: Technically same as promotional models but they primarily work for a particular brand or specific advertisements. Celebrities form the main percentage of Spokes models.

·         Trade show models: Generally freelance hires, Trade show models work to represent a company to attendees. Their main domains of work are live shows or floor space displays.

·          Art models:  They pose for visual artists or a creative process. They contribute to fields like figure painting, sculpture and photography where the human figure form the main medium to illustrate a concept or an idea.

So Modeling as a career?

Many of us find the modeling industry very alluring but before convincing yourself to pursue a career in modeling make sure you keep in mind the following points to excel in this fiercely competitive industry:

·         Get an idea of the facets related to this industry, know the latest fashion trends, and especially understand what the companies and agencies prefer.

·         Be clear on the type of modeling best suited for you. It is always psychologically better to have realistic expectations. Nervy and eccentric personalities might not be a good fit here because it will take immense hard work and endurance to excel and grow as a professional.

·         It is also important to understand the basic needs of a certain agency or a fashion house. If not researched and noted properly you might not get the proper exposure. Also, go through the portfolios available and select a particular format for yourself. Portfolios are as important as your attributes as a model.

·         Make sure you submit your portfolio to the agencies in vicinity. If possible hire a photographer to have proper and acceptable photographs.

·         Enroll yourself to grooming courses available to gain confidence and understand the industry better. Please do watch out for scams and fraudulent advertisements given by fake agencies. They tend to use aspiring models for wrong and inappropriate purposes. Try to acquire proper guidance on the same.

The fashion industry has its own set of hurdles to encounter. So, you might acquire knowledge fromone source talent as they are better known as or get groomed from a reputed entertainment company but in the end it is your grit, determination, and patience that will help in your path to achieve success as model.
Remember every other aspirant desires to be a supermodel but very few make the cut, but with proper guidance and skill, you might be the one to reach the revered milestone.

Author’s Bio – Lopez Genelia is a veteran fashion industry blogger. Be it anything else – she writes of all leading talent search agencies.