Balloon modeling is the fun art of twisting and modeling balloons to make different shapes, animals and things. It enthralls amazes and entertains kids and adults alike and balloon modelers are hugely popular as children’s entertainers in Melbourne.
To make a heart:

  • • To make a balloon heart shaped you will need a rigid template, you will need a sturdy frame made of strong wire or a plastic template (there are some available in the market).

Balloon Modeling Instructions: Heart And Flower

  • • You need simple latex balloons in a small size; you can use size 5 balloons (it means they are 5 inches when inflated). To keep it simple, use just one color, or use two similar colors, like clear and white, or pearl and white. Or if you already know how to make the swirl effect you can use a combination of 3 or 4 colors

  • • Using simple air, inflate the balloons in a uniform size, (there is no need of helium). To inflate all the balloons in a uniform size, you can use a simple template made of cardboard to measure the balloons.

  • • Tie clusters of two inflated balloons of the same color together. (For example: tie two white balloons together and two clear balloons together).

  • • Twist the two sets of balloons together to create clusters of four.

  • • Starting in one corner of the heart shaped wire template, secure one cluster, by placing it in the wire and twisting 2 balloons around the line to secure it in place. Add another cluster in the same way, making sure to keep the clusters solidly packed as you build the heart.

  • • If you were using two similar colors, it would look nice even if you don’t have the swirl effect. But if you were using two contrasting colors, it would look better if you follow the swirl color pattern. The swirl effect is accomplished by moving the contrasting color one-quarter turn clockwise as it is packed on the wire frame. Always make sure that all clusters are tightly packed together, if you don’t do this, you will end up seeing gaps between the balloons

  • • Cover completely the heart frame.

  • • Tie a line on the top of the heart frame to hold it in place. (I usually place it by the dance floor hanging from the ceiling and then I hang multiple tulle stripes parting from the top of the heart).

To make flower from an uninflected balloon.

  • • Cut the opening off each balloon you wish to use for your flower. Only snip off the rolled portion, keeping the rest of the balloon as intact as possible.

  • • Wrap individual pieces of floral wire in floral tape. You need one piece of wire for each petal you wish to make, and each piece of wire should be slightly more than twice as long as you wish the flower’s stem to be.

  • • Fold one of the wrapped wires in half, and insert the folded end into one of your cut balloons. Pull the balloon downward on the wire, stretching it along the length of the wire until it is slightly longer than you want the petal to be. Tape the stretched balloon into place.

  • • Grip the balloon containing the folded wire gently but firmly in both hands. Bend the wire within the balloon until it forms the shape of the petal you wish. Repeat this process for each of your balloons until you have as many petals as you need.

  • • Arrange the petals together as you want them to appear, and then tape into place with floral tape. You can wrap the entire bundle of wires in this green tape to make it look like your flower has a stem.

Follow these instructions to make hearts and flowers out of Melbourne. If you can master this art, you can be a great entertainer at Children’s parties in Melbourne.