Raga is considered as a sequence of notes that symbolizes a set of mood or emotions. They have a mystical ability of evoking an ambience that is synonymous with the time of the day.

Carnatic music is basically a system of music associated with southern part of Indian sub-continent. As any parent can have numerous offspring, similarly parent scale of Carnatic music consists of various scales and ragas. Raga in Indian classical music is the basis of melody that has something akin to the varied personality subject and a prevailing mood. It is the perfect blend of several notes, swards or tones.

Ragas form the basis of Indian classical music which is neither a mode nor a scale. There are basically 72 ‘Melas’, or parent scales on which Ragas are based. A classical performer with enough training and experience can easily create the desired emotions through the perfect blend of notes and shrutis. In this article, we will discuss the different types of ragas available in Carnatic music.

Varied Types Of Ragas

Pantuvarali- The Pensively Melodious Raga

This raga is ranked as the 51st Mela belonging to the 9th Chakra which is known as The Brahma Chakra. Earlier positioned as Kamavardhini, Muthuswamy Dikshitar named it as Kashiramakriya. It is a vital raga which offers huge scope for Pallavi and alapanai exposition. When talking about the beauty of singing Pantuvarali, the raga is passed over all three octaves till Tarasthayi Madhyamam and Tara Panchamam in several krithis that you will learn.

Hindolam – The Raga with a Hypnotizing Melody

A well-known subordinate of Hanumathodi, Hindolam is basically a soulful, serene, enchanting and appealing meditative raga. People having expertise in Carnatic music hold distinct opinions on janaka ragams which can be attributed to Hindolam. It is well-known that 20th melakarta, Netabhairavi is parent ragam of Hindolam. This raga is highly beneficial for people with low blood pressure as it develops enhanced feelings of compassion and minimizes anxiety that in turn provides utmost relief to the patients. Apart from this, Hindolam raga is also known for conveying divine Bhakti Bhava and is amazingly refreshing when chanted in mornings.

Naatai-The Raga with an Intoxicating Melody

A substitute of Chalanata befitting to 6th Music Chakra, this raga is said to be extremely auspicious and often selected as the primary raga for any concerts. In soul, mind and body chakra, Chakra 6 is considered as the heart Chakra which basically indicates the emotion and feeling center of the body. It analyzes both spiritual and physical needs for human experiences.

Wrapping Up!

Finally, as per the saying, the ultimate way for becoming a better musician is by doing regular rehearsals of these initial lessons in varied ragas and speeds everyday. It is a well-known fact that raga is a complex concept that is really tough to understand and need expert teachers for learning. However, with the help of online sangeetham classes, it has become easier for people to learn different kinds of ragas. So, go ahead and fulfill your desire of learning various ragas through well-known experts online.