The beginning of 2013 has been a bit rough for R&B singer Beyonce. After taking some time off from the spotlight last year to have her daughter Blue Ivy, Beyonce has returned to the stage in a big way. First, Beyonce was chosen to sing the National Anthem at President Obama’s inauguration, then she was chosen to perform at the Superbowl halftime show.

Why Beyonce is Creating So Much Buzz

Beyonce has caught a lot of flak lately based on her early 2013 performances. Everyone has heard about her lip-synching at the inauguration and allegedly bringing down the lights at the Superbowl, but one of Beyonce’s biggest critics lately has been PETA, also known as the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. In particular, PETA is angry with the R&B crooner’s wardrobe choices. Issues with PETA are nothing new for Beyonce. In fact, she has been catching flak from the organization since 2006.

Why PETA is Upset with Beyonce

Beyonce first angered PETA this year when she wore a full-length mink coat made by Christian Dior to the presidential inauguration. Then just weeks later, Beyonce donned a unique leather and lace bodysuit during the halftime show of the Superbowl. The outfit was reportedly made of paneled iguana,trapunto/pick stitched leather and engineered python.

In 2006, two representatives of PETA ambushed Beyonce and her mother as they were leaving Nobu, a swanky New York restaurant. Beyonce had met the PETA officials at a dinner under false pretenses. Originally, she believed the duo were fans of hers. Instead, they lectured the singer about the unethical treatment of animals in relationship to her clothing line, and the PETA officials went as far as showing Beyonce and her mother a graphic DVD regarding animal cruelty.


When Beyonce married Jay-Z, rapper and music mogul, in 2008, PETA gifted Beyonce and her husband with a luxurious faux fur rug. The group’s generosity made many believe that the tension between the singer and the organization were behind them, but a year later the organization was once again criticizing Beyonce.

In 2009, PETA accused Beyonce of abandoning her dog, Munchie, at her record company while she was on tour or recording in the studio. The rumors were eventually dismissed as untrue, but it only added fuel to the growing rift between the singer and the organization.

With the latest controversy between Queen B and PETA, it looks like this rift isn’t going to be healed anytime soon. Beyonce is known to crave animal skin fashion and is even rumored to prefer fake eyelashes made of mink. Due to Beyonce’s bold fashion statements and confident personality, it is unlikely that she will allow PETA to bully her into changing her attire choices.

Even though Beyonce ignores the animal rights organization’s criticism of her, PETA is unlikely to stop blasting the singer for her wardrobe choices. With 2013 proving to be a big year for Beyonce, she just signed a $50 million deal with Pepsi, fans of both Beyonce and PETA will likely have much more to say about this ongoing rift.

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