The result of Georgia versus Stanford basket ball match was exactly similar to what was anticipated by the Georgia coach Andy Lander. Andy Lander had anticipated a long time ago that Georgia will win the match against Stanford and even the final score of the match was exactly the same. Georgia scored 61 and won the match, while Stanford scored 59 and lost the match.

Jasmine Hassel was one of the top scorers of the match. She scored thirteen points in the match and out of these thirteen point, six points were scored in the last three minutes of the match. With the help of this final minute score by Jasmine Hassel, Georgia was able to beat Stanford. With this much anticipated win, Georgia reached the NCAA regional final for women. Since 2004, this is the first time that Georgia reached the final of the tournament.

Georgia beats Stanford to reach the NCAA women’s regional finalDuring some of the moments in the match, it seemed that Georgia will lose the match. There was a time in the match when the score was 9 for Stanford and 0 for Georgia, but Georgia played flawlessly and was able to beat the top seeded Stanford. With this defeat, Stanford’s hope for reaching the final four ended for six years at a stretch.

Jasmine James was one of the other top scorers from Georgia, she scored 16 points. With these 16 points she was able to help her team to reach the regional finals for the 11th time under the coaching of Andy Lander.

After the end of the match, the Georgia coach praised the players of his team. He said that all the players did very well in the match. He also added that it was the dedicative effort of the players on the floor that fetch them the victory. Chiney Ogwumike was another top scorer from Georgia, she scored 26 points.

Georgia will have another match on Monday night against the Golden Bears. If they win the match on Monday, then they will reach the final four. Since 1999, Georgia has not reached the final four. Only in 2005-07 and in 2010-11 Georgia reached the round of 16 and every time they were ousted from this stage. In 2010, they suffered a huge defeat of 36-73 against the same Stanford.

Amber Orrange was one of the top scorers from the team of Stanford. She scored 17 points, but out of 24 she scored only 7 points on the field. Joslyn Tinkle was the second leading scorer from the team of Stanford. In spite of being the second top scorer from Stanford, she was suffering in the first half from foul trouble. She was unable to score for a stretch of 35 minutes in the first half. At last she managed to score at least 5 points. In the final seconds Tinkle scored 3 points, but it was not good enough to fetch Stanford a victory.

At last, Lander added that Georgia’s defense was very good in the match and that they suffered from droughts rarely. This was the main reason why Georgia had won the match on Saturday night.