Beginners often find it difficult to stick to Muay Thai, as it requires a lot of stamina and patience, results will come once you practice this art with full mind and dedication. Muay Thai training isn’t a piece of cake, it’s a martial art, so don’t expect that you’ll be fighting like a pro without much effort. The problem with beginners is that they do make a lot of assumptions and once they face reality, most of them give up. Muay Thai is not for quitters, below are 5 Muay Thai training tips which beginners should keep in mind for quality training.

1. Get in Shape

If you are overweight with flabby thighs, arms, abdomen then first get in shape. Go for cardio workouts and burn as much fat as you can, overweight people will find difficult moving their body and will get exhausted much quicker than others. Muay Thai do helps in weight loss, as it involves movements of the limbs but to keep your mind dedicated, try to get fit before learning Muay Thai.

2. Observe Fights

To be a good fighter, you have to be a good observer first. Learn from experts by watching them fight, observe them closely and look out how they defend kicks and punches and other practical techniques. This is best way to learn and improve your skill, observing helps you learn tricks which no one can explain, so keep watching Muay Thai fights and learn practical fighting.

3. Stick to Basics

Beginners always have an urge to go to next level, they don’t want to keep practicing basics, and they want to go advance in less time. That’s not good, no matter how much time it takes but you should stick to basics and master them first before moving on. Take adequate rest between, don’t just keep going, once you’ve mastered the basics then it will be easier ahead.

4. Get a Partner

A partner helps in many ways, get somebody who shares same dedication towards this sport and has same experience as you do. It’s better to get a beginner partner or somebody who is at same level as you. If you have a partner who is way advance then you, than you may find it difficult matching him during training.

Not just fight, also learn to hold pads when someone is training. This is whole different experience and also helps you learn focusing and improves reflexes. If you have a partner then you both can hold pads and fight one by one.

5. Join Camps

Muay Thai training camps are best for beginners to learn Muay Thai such as . I recommend beginners to join training camps as they get quality training from experienced instructors and learn the basics without developing any bad habits and posture.

If you implement these tips along with your training then you’ll thank me later.