Honda City is a subcompact car that was produced in Japan in 1981. The car is one of the popular car in India because it’s adapts well with Indian road conditions. The car is a blend of marvellous styling, advanced features and cutting edge technology. It is a perfect example of more spacing for comfort, captivating leather upholstery and vibrant and striking dual beige interiors. But before we go deeper, do you know various generations of Honda City?

First generation (1981-1986)

The first cars were AA for sedans, FA for wider Turbo II, cabriolets and VF for vans. They were introduced in 1981 with innovative tallboy design. The cars had unusual heights that enabled four adults to sit comfortably in them. Exports of the cars were primarily to Europe where it was renamed Honda Jazz, Australia in two-seater van form, and New Zealand

Second generation (1986-1994)

Honda replaced series AA in November 1986 with designated GA1, which was updated to GA2 in 1989. The model was in the market in 1994. In 1986, second generation was introduced and was available at Honda Clio dealerships. The generation included Honda Legend, Concerto and Accord. The models has major changes in its appearance that was called crouching form, which consisted of a low and wide design that contributed to lighter car weight. There was improvement in driving performance. The generation exteriors and engine size were exact to the first generation.

Third generation (1996-2003)

Third generation models were codenamed SX8 with chassis codes 3A2 (1.3) and 3A3 (1.5). The model was designed and sold in South East Asian market only. Its first production started in an all new plant in Ayutthaya, Thailand.  Third generation was sold in Japan alongside Honda Domani. This is the generation that marked the entrance of City to Indian market in 1998 and quickly became the household name. It entered India with 1.3 litre and 1.5 litre engine.

Fourth generation (2003-2008)

The generation made its world debut at Bangkok international motor show in November 2002. It offers four wheel drive version.  Later it was imported from Thailand and launched as Fit Aria in Japan. In china, the model was called Fit Saloon.


In 2005, face lifted version of Honda City was launched in Thailand. It was known as City ZX. Significant changes regarding face lifted City were new exterior, new fog lights, and new headlamps. Front end was extended by 65 mm while the rear was extended by 15 mm. Interior changes were additional map lights and an armrest for the driver.


Honda City has gone through various changes to be what it is. And it keeps on changing. All the changes try to make model an effective machine for riders. Currently the Honda in the market is the most competitive car in the market. The car is spacious and its fuel consumption is reasonable. All you need to do is to take a look at various City variants and make a decision. With Honda you will never go wrong.