While obtaining a new license or filing the registration for your new vehicle is exciting, the thought of waiting on-line at the DMV brings a feeling of dread to many. In some cases, you’ll need to go there, but you can try your best to avoid it.

Buy Cars through a Dealership

Many of the people tirelessly dragging their feet at the DMV recently purchased a new vehicle, and they have to deal with the registration paperwork. Generally, when you buy a car at the dealership, everything is taken care of there. Not only can you avoid the lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles, but you also don’t have to wait before you can start to drive your car.

Call The Automobile Club

If you are a member of the American Automobile Association, call to find out if the necessary service can be provided by this department. Even for those who do not currently have a membership, the yearly fees are minimal. This association can help with some DMV duties, depending upon the state, and the professionals will also be there to help if your car breaks down.

Find Forms Online

You can take care of simple things such as your vehicle registration at places like Registrations Are Us rather than going and waiting in line at the DMV. The difference is that you may have to wait longer to obtain the necessary or requested documentation. Balance this waiting period out with the wait time at the DMV, and decide which is more reasonable for your mission.

Skip The Line: 5 Ways To Avoid The DMV

Call Ahead

Don’t go to the DMV unless you are absolutely sure your situation elicits the trip. Call the local branch before you go and explain your specific situation. Remember, the employees have been dealing with massive amounts of work all day, so be patient with them. Ask if the particular service you need is taken care of only by the DMV or if you can go elsewhere for assistance.

Avoid Unnecessary Services

You don’t need to take your car to the DMV To get inspected or have any other special types of tests performed. Instead, bring it to your local mechanic. Additionally, custom license plates are generally going to require a visit to the DMV, so just stick with the ones that you have.

When you do have to go to the DMV, try to make the trip as easy as possible. Bring all of the necessary paperwork and keep in mind that the employees are moving as quickly as they can.