Garden tours are to horticulture enthusiasts what home tours are to architectural and design aficionados.  Garden tours are a blossoming trend in tourism, and even green thumb novices are eagerly joining tour groups to experience the exotic flora of other countries…as well as the luscious landscaped gardens growing throughout their own communities.

Some of the more elaborate tours include trips abroad to explore botanical gardens and allow tourists to immerse in the horticultural diversity of a particular geographic area. The beauty of these tours is rooted in the appreciation of nature and the unique plants and flowers found in each country.

Garden Tours Blossom In Popularity Worldwide

Garden tours also are hosted locally in cities across the globe. In the U.S., Garden Tours of New England offers tips to homeowners and community members regarding why communities should organize their own local garden tours. The organization notes that tours may help raise money for local charities, and hosting local tours also encourages others to garden and increases community involvement.

Gardening Tours is one of the more well-known organized global Garden Tour operators. This year, Gardening Tours has scheduled tours destined for South Africa, Portugal, the Chelsea Flower Show, Ecuador, and Spain. In April 2018, the group is organizing a tour in China for the Peony Festival Garden Tour.

Horticulture enthusiasts can discover and join numerous other gardening tours hosted throughout the world. Almost every country offers a personal glimpse into local gardens. And, in some countries, garden tours are held amid regal splendor. According to the site Garden Visit, Ireland is famous for its castle gardens. And France is home to Claude Monet’s stunning gardens in Giverny, which were immortalized in his paintings.

Garden Tours Blossom In Popularity Worldwide

Individuals in search of a more remote or exotic tour should visit Africa. Guided tours often head to South Africa, where tourists may be lucky to gaze upon the rare Cape Sundew. Morocco also is a gorgeous tour retreat and features lush gardens in the historic and treasured cities of Marrakesh, Casablanca and Fes.

Prices for destination garden tours often cost thousands (not including air fare) but do include designated meals, private guides and, of course, garden admissions. Tour groups also may require a minimum number of people to sign up for each tour. For this reason, Donna Dawson, who started Gardening Tours, advises on her tour site that interested individuals should wait to book airfare until a tour is confirmed.  

For garden enthusiasts on a limited budget, check out local garden tours. Tours in or near your community provide a visual insight on ways to enhance your own garden and also can provide inspiration for future garden designs. Gardens featured in local tours also showcase flower types that thrive in the climate, which also gives visitors new ideas on flora for their own gardens. The costs vary for local garden tours but are often quite reasonable. Opt for walking tours to fully immerse in the outdoors.

Avid gardeners also should consider exhibiting their garden in local garden tours for visiting tourists. Creatively designed and well-maintained gardens showcase each gardener’s inspiration on their landscape. Contact local gardening tours if you think you might be growing a hidden treasure for tourists to gaze upon.

Garden Tours Blossom In Popularity Worldwide
Gardening tours are a growing trend in tourism…especially for gardening enthusiasts. However, anyone can appreciate the sight of luscious flora and most tours are open to all. Whether you select a destination tour or one right in your own backyard, enjoy the vast beauty and wonder of nature that you discover among each uniquely grown garden paradise.