If you’re into your surfing and have checked out all the breaks and the swells locally then it might be time to head further afield in search of a few more. As we all know seasonality always plays an important factor in the quest for the best however, if you check out the five top destinations below you’ll find some hot spots available all year round so, what are you waiting for?

Top 5 Locations For Surfing Breaks
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Portugal’s Atlantic coastline is littered with empty beaches and bulbous swells and if you’re planning on heading over late winter to early spring then get ready for action on a massive scale. The wind fair ol’ whips in off the ocean and you may find yourself fighting for position with kite surfers but don’t panic, head down the coast a few miles and it’s all yours. This is the location where a base to peak wave of almost 80 feet was surfed at the beginning of 2013 and if you fancy checking out these sorts of bad boys for yourself then head to Nazare, on the Silver Coast, and have yourself a high ol’ time.


It’s going to be cold wherever you head for in the UK so make sure you pack your longie and have a fire blazing for when you get out of the water. Cornwall is where you’ll find the crowds and the likes of Newquay, especially Fistral Beach, can be hard to spot the water for beginner boards. Constantine Bay is probably more suited to the big boys and spots like Harlyn provide a challenge but nothing too scary. Further along the west coast of Britain you’ve got Wales and a whole host of beaches that promise nothing short of awesomeness. Pembrokeshire is regarded as the best choice for all levels however, the best advice is to get chatting in the pub to find out a few more local surf secrets.


The legendary Surf Masters tour comes to the Southwest coast of France every year and from beach babes to top seaweed surfing, Biarritz has certainly got things nailed on. Winter is the season to be surfing and although it’s going to nip a bit you won’t feel a thing once you get out there. The further south you ride the more consistency you’ll find and starting from the historic beaches of Normandy is probably your best bet if you’re on the move. That said, there are a few cheeky reefs to be found further north in Brittany so don’t be too worried. Of course, just north of Biarritz is the mighty Soorts-Hossegor which is pretty much regarded as one of the best spots on the planet so start in Brittany, work your way down and leave the best ’til last.


If you want to keep on ploughing south then cross the border into Spain and keep on trucking until you hit North Africa and the holy grail of Morocco. Just north of Agadir holds some of the best surf sites and there’s a real range on display so all levels are easily catered for without getting in each other’s way. Essaouira is a good place for beginners to find their water wings and has a nice little enclosed bay to ensure you won’t get into too much trouble. South of Essaouira is Sidi Kaouki which promises lots of length for more advanced riders and if you get the chance to visit La Grotte en-route then you won’t be disappointed. Morocco is a great place to surf and feel a different vibe and although it’s no distance at all from the UK, you’ll feel like you’ve wondered onto a different planet – check it out!


California on the Pacific coast is totally the best place to catch some waves on your USA holidays and although the weather can be a bit wild you’ll never be short of options. The further north you head and the more intense the conditions and also the more chances there are of seeing Great Whites. Best advice is to keep close to Highway One and make the most of the scenery as well as the awesome beaches around LA and Santa Cruz. Further towards the border with Mexico and you’ll still discover loads of hot spots and although there’s generally a lack of consistency there are still a blend of frequent and fun waves so have fun ya’ll.