Colors have a great impact to feelings and moods, whether consciously or unconsciously. Whether you’re throwing a casual or formal party, these four color-coded party themes should come in handy should the next time you may need one.

Code Orange

Orange is the color for fun and sunshine, so if you’re looking to throw a party at your backyard in the summer, this is the theme for you. Make a cheery first impression by laying out tangerine-hued nibbles and cocktails. If you have orange paint-chip strips at home, glue their inside edges together to come up with a hollow tube and slide the tube onto a tall glass tumbler. Place a candle inside or drop a bunch of flowers and make it as your centerpiece. Frozen pops, pumpkin-shrimp curries, pasta, and citrusy juice should complete the setup and keep everyone on high spirits till the evening.

 Red Alert

 Red is the color of love, but it’s also the color of energy, leadership, and vibrancy. Since red is a strong color, you would want to take it slow on your decors. For an intimate party, you can dress the table with an all-white skirt and then sprinkle several rose petals on top. For your centerpieces, you can fill several cylinder glass vases with water and red berries and place a floating candle on top. This should be perfect for either a romantic dinner or a holiday evening with the family. For the food, you can choose from Thai red curry shrimp, roasted spiced leg of lamb, lemon garlic pasta, truffle oil road salmon and mushroom, or child lime steak with roasted vegetables. Impress everyone with a selection of cocktails such as blushing geisha (pomegranate juice and rose nectar), love potion #9 (strawberry smoothie with a hint of chocolate) or the timeless Kir & Kir Royale (crème de cassis topped with white wine).

Green Cuisine

Green is usually associated with meanings of life, growth, and freshness. This is the perfect theme when you’re celebrating life and commitment such as in birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and family reunions. Celebrate the event with a selection of verdant greens with emerald-topped pork seasoned with fresh herbs as your main dish. Satisfy the appetite of your health-conscious friends, too, by serving them some lush garden salad. If you’re throwing a children’s party, you can ask everyone to come in their elf costume. And of course, we can’t talk about green without taking the environment into consideration. Make everything eco-friendly by using only recyclable materials for the decors, the utensils, and even the party favors.

True Blue

The color blue conveys a message of intelligence, trust, calmness, and dependability. It lowers the heart rate and slows down respiration. If you’re looking to throw a party with a calm and tranquil mood, blue is the color for you. This theme is perfect for beach weddings, romantic dinners, and formal gatherings. You can start off by decking the whole venue in blue with white hues. From the flowers, the linens, and the tables, everything should be blue and white, or blue exclusively. Delphinium, hydrangea, and tweedia are the best choices for your centerpieces for a blue-themed party. For thematic snacks, you can offer some blueberry-based treats. Blue curacao will also come in handy as your signature drink for this one.