It is a fact that a Hit counter was considered a must have tool on your website but that isn’t quite the case anymore. People do realise that they could opt for free ones on the web. All they have to do is a simple web search and download the script with a single click. The code needs to then be copied onto the website’s code. You can’t deny that these numeric counters aren’t of use. They are. They can be used to seeing how many people came to visit your website. That in itself helps you understand how well your website is doing. With such an easy installation process and the benefits of credibility and measure of popularity one can only say that a Hit counter is a great asset.

Wrong!  A Hit counter that cost you nothing will probably end up costing you a lot more than money. It might cost you your visitors. Free counters make webpages take more time to load. This will stop people from coming to your website altogether. There is no point of a website that takes ages to load onto your screen. You might lose out on customers to your competition this way, so watch out for that.

Forget That Hit Counter and Try Tracking Instead

The free services ones aren’t of much help actually and in one way or the other you end up making promotions for their website. These can slow down the time it would take for your visitor to download a webpage of your website. The Hit counter doesn’t really provide you with the information required by you.

That is not all. Consider yourself in a situation where you don’t have the visitor numbers to show. Nobody else would come and do business with you. This goes for you as well. Think about it. Would you buy something off a website that has poor visitor numbers to show?

It is sad but many webmaster twist their visitor numbers to show huge numbers. These efforts rarely work and can backfire pretty badly. The public of today is far wiser than you think.

People were made to believe that having a Hit counter was great and that the benefits were plenty but clearly isn’t the case. Nowadays nobody has the time to give and checkout these counters. It would probably be better for any webmaster to invest in other alternatives instead. By the looks of it, no good will come if you choose to keep a Hit counter on your homepage. So stay away from these tools and take to the alternatives.

Site Tracking- The New Craze

Most big names on the Internet never keep a Hit counter on their homepage. This raises a serious question- Why should you put one if they don’t take the pain to insert the script.

The world of the Internet offers people a great platform to promote their business. It is shocking to see how many people fail to understand the importance of site tracking.

There are that most promoters believe or are led to believe that getting traffic will help your sales. Getting traffic will lead to more promotions. While this is true to a larger extent, it is not the complete picture. Your visitors should contribute to the sales process buy hitting the checkout button. At the end of the day, it is all about making sales.

Before you make an effort to try to market the website you now, you might want to consider the path people will take when they come to your website. Sales are tough nuts to crack. One step brings you to the next and the result at the end of those steps should make the potential customer a customer.

Tracking the visitor is a great way to see which move you wish your clients had made. Site tracking is something that everybody is doing and companies are reaping the full benefits off of it. An astounding 75% of the people who do visits websites never make the effort to look past the homepage. This is exactly why the webmaster needs to keep watchful eye over his/her clients.

This is a big rule in online marketing which many folks blindly overlook. You really need to abide by site tracking to see what it can do. If you won’t keep an eye on the visitors consider your money down the drain. Why should one do that if they are in their sense? Site tracking requires serious consideration. You need to realize that a Hit counter is now obsolete and it was a tool of the past. Not anymore.