It can be a real challenge to travel with kids, especially if we need to take long flights. The cramped cabin can cause frustration to typically active children. There are ways to significantly reduce the pain or even make the long-haul flight a great experience for the family. As an example, by booking online, it is not necessary to drag our children to various travel agencies. The boarding pass can be printed at home and given directly. Everything must be booked ahead of time, this includes arranging for car rental and hotel accommodations as well. Both parents and children will need to be prepared to spend hours inside the airplane. Smaller kids can be kept excited with coloring books. Older children can be kept occupied by games in smartphones and tablets. Because Wi-Fi connection inside the airplane can be quite expensive, we may download enough games for our Android or iOS devices. YouTube also allows for offline watching, so we may download dozens of exciting videos and clips that kids can watch inside the airplane. However, it is better to ask children about things that can keep themselves excited.

We may need to build the anticipation of an exciting experience on the air. Younger children can be introduced with the concept of flying. We may download offline YouTube videos that can provide quick explanations on how airplanes can fly. Child-friendly education videos would be quite interesting for our kids. We may need to invest on reliable and good earphones, so children can listen to videos, songs and games clearly. Munching children are usually more manageable, so we should pack enough snacks that our children enjoy most. Sandwich can be consumed until 6 hours after it’s made at home. Kids may have their favorite cookies and chocolate bars that they can enjoy. In-flight meals can also be exciting for children, so we should make it a part of the experience. One useful trick of keeping order inside airplane cabin is by separating siblings, especially if there are constant feuds between them. However, some siblings can really work and play together, so we could place them next to one another. If not, parents will need to sit between them.

Layered clothing  is essential to keep children comfortable, especially if the plane goes closer to the north or south pole. It’s important to consider any kind of climate change. If the destination location is cold, children should be prepared to deal with the much lower temperature. When departing or arriving on various airports, it is actually quite easy to lose our children. In this case, we shouldn’t lose sight of them. Children under 10 should constantly and physically touch their parents in crowded space. When the flight is particularly long, it’s better to fly at night, so children sleep most of the time. This work for older kids and adults too. With the above methods, it should be much easier for parents to handle their children during long flights.