Roll over your eyes to the majestic beauty of the Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh. Plan a perfect trip and this year take a chance to Edinburgh to make you and your family impressed. Hopefully this content will help you to decide what is more suitable for you in this big city. Edinburgh is really beyond the imagination as you will get everything you desire. Whether it is pleasure, business, architecture, art, family, culture, relaxation or just fun, the city offers you an ultimate trip. Major attraction of the city has been listed below. So, make a list of your favorite places where you want to visit first.


Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh city is built around a castle and you can see it from any part of the city. The majestic view of castle binds people and never let them move. People says it’s a very great experience when you enter in the gate of castle as it seems like you are transporting from one century to another. You can put this place at top of your list. To visit the castle you’ll need to buy tickets and I would suggest visiting the place early morning as it’s the peak tourist time. You can also visit the National War Museum; it’s the part of it. So, give a good start to your day by visiting the Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Zoo

The only thing which is common in kids and us is, whenever it comes to a zoo we all are get excited. If you are going on a trip with your kids then I would suggest you to take them to the Edinburgh zoo. The zoo is spread over 82acres area and it is a heaven like place for animals. You can spend a whole day here without worrying about the dining and other things. Everything you need is available inside. There are 1000 different species of animals available in this zoo area and staff takes care of them in a very best way. So, take a day break at Edinburgh Zoo.

Camera Obscura

Experience something new on the streets of Edinburgh and move to the Camera Obscura. You are right, as the name indicates it is a fascinating reflecting mirror illusion place which gathers lot of crowd every day.  There are four floors, all having something great and fascinating. I would rate it more than average place, and one time visit. So, have a good time in Camera Obscura.

Our Dynamic Earth

Be a witness of breathtaking place I must say, Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. The place is located at Holyrood Road in city and if you are a youngster than this place is really a great fun for you. It’s like a mini Disney world and the most thrilling thing you have ever seen. The place never disappoints anyone and offers some great sophisticated attractions which keep people bind with the place. Dynamic Earth is the place where you would get some most thrill and amused rides. The most attractive thing is the journey of planet’s past, present and future. So, have a great fun at Dynamic Earth.

Edinburgh is amazingly old city with modern cosmopolitan tag. Here, you would find everything to spend some best days of your life. So, keep searching about the city and make a plan.