When you stop to think about that “thing” you are wearing to bed, realize that not everyone gets to see our sleepwear.

Even our underwear gets more “air time” than our pajamas! If what you are wearing does suit you, and you would like to find a new bedtime wardrobe style, you may want to keep reading!

Baby-doll Sleep Dresses

Baby-doll sleep dresses are very short, fun, playful and in a way, childish. If you can easily see yourself acting childish with your man, then baby-doll sleep dresses just might be perfect for you!

Baby-doll Sleep Dresses


Lingerie makes a women feel extremely sexy (if she is comfortable with her body and thinks she looks good in what she has on) in addition to empowered!

Women like to feel like they have power and a say-so on what happens.

Lingerie also makes a woman feel desired; women love to feel desired, especially in the bedroom!

White underwear

If you are the type of woman that likes to lounge around in your white underwear, and you do not care whether a man is in your presence or not, then that makes you very confident, and a little stubborn.

However, clean, simple, and straightforward, which is a good thing!

Casual Wear

If you like to sit back and relax in your big brother’s old elementary school T-shirt and a pair of you old “raggedy-Ann” shorts, then the only thing on your mind is sleep.

You do not care if you look sexy for bedtime; who cares, you are only going to sleep right? You just want to be comfortable and get a good night’s rest in the comfort of hand-me-downs.

On the other hand, maybe you do not know what else you WOULD like to wear to bed because you have been wearing casual sleepwear since you were a child.

Explore new thoughts! Get out those red lace thongs and see what you think! You would be comfortable in gangnam style pyjamas! They are very casual and comfortable!

Sleeping Gown or Night Gown


Bodysuits are comfortable and make a women feel quirky and a little dorky! However, they have a strange, unorthodox sexiness to them!

Sleeping Gown or Night Gown

Children LOVE nightgowns, however they are not the only ones allowed to wear them to bed!

If you are an adult woman who likes to wear nightgowns to bed, then you are probably a “dreamer”, or someone that fantasizes about who she may be going to bed with.

Keep in mind that there are many different kinds of nightgowns. There are nightgowns for grown women that do not look like lingerie, such as the gangnam style pyjamas.

That is not the only reason women like to wear nightgowns while they sleep. Nightgowns are very sleek and comfortable, in addition to somewhat hiding what is underneath.

Girly Pajamas

If your favorite pajamas are the fun prints and logo T-shirts, you are most likely trying to show off your girly, quirky personality!

You are the kind of girl that likes to stay cute and cuddly during bedtime, however you still like to be comfortable.

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