Perfect, cute and even high-class tables and chairs can be made right from your homes. They can be the main site for gatherings of family and friends. Here, we will share to you how to construct your own table and chairs;

1. You must pick a level working area with adequate light to construct your table and chairs. Set in place your tools and materials needed for the project.

2. Place the two 1-by-10-inch wood boards measuring 43 and 32 inches long on the working surface. Place a dinner plate upside down at the end of one of the boards. Trace half of the plate on to the wood with a carpenter’s pencil to form a rounded top on the board. Repeat with the other board.

3. Cut out the boards with a jigsaw along the line drawn in the previous step. It should form a rounded top on each of the wooden boards. Then, you have to sand around the cut to remove and rough edges.

4. Make a mark in the center of the flat part of the longer board that is 12 inches from the straight end. Make a 2nd mark in line with the first and 1 inch below it. Use a ruler to sketch a straight line from each of the marks to one side of the board. Then draw a third line to connect the two marks at the center of the board, forming a rectangle.


5. Repeat Step 4 with the shorter board. These lines are the outlines for cutting the slots to hold the chair together.

6. Cut out the slots that where drawn on the boards in the previous step. You have to make the cuts straight by following the lines you made with the ruler.

7. You can now paint the two pieces of wood with outdoor paint in any color or design as you want it to be. Allow the paint to dry completely.

8. Slide the two slots together to form an “X” shape with the two wooden boards. Point both of the rounded ends upward and place the straight ends on the ground. The long board is the back of the chair and the short board is the seat.



9. You must place the two boards measuring 26 and 15 inches long on the working surface. Then, measure and mark a spot 13 1/2 inches from one end of each board at the center of the board and mark a second spot 1 inch below the first marks on each board.

10. Draw a rectangle in the same manner as Steps 4 and 5 of the chair. Cut the slots out with a jigsaw. These will be the legs of the table.

11. Cut a 45-degree angle at each end of the 15-inch board, using a jigsaw and a protractor. This is the table top.

12. You must paint the tree boards with a wood paint and then let the boards dry completely dry before assembling table.

13. You have to slide the slots of the two table legs together to form an “X” shape and then drop the table top piece in between the legs, with the angles facing down. Place the table next to the chairs.

If you do not have the time to create a DIY tables and chairs, you can always purchase your ideal tables and chairs online.