A loved one’s death is a very sensitive period for a family. However, taking the proper steps when finding the right funeral home can at least lift some burden of pain, especially when it comes to expenses.

Below are a few things to keep in mind when researching funeral homes.

Go through funeral home listings 

You can find an online or print directory of funeral homes located within your vicinity. Then, visit a funeral home’s website (if it has one) and visit the premises, where you can get a better sense of the business and pick up literature showing more information. See if the funeral home does everything in house, including its own cremations. It’s not uncommon for a funeral home to contract outside crematories and other businesses. However, you may feel a sense of control if you know a funeral home is in charge of rendering its own goods.

Look at a funeral home’s credentials
A trustworthy funeral home, such as Aftercare Cremation & Burial Service, must have certain credentials to be in business. Meet with the funeral director and see that he or she has the required licenses to be a director. Also, check the funeral home’s credentials such as association memberships (like the Funeral Service Association of Canada) and verify them. Find out about customer comments and funeral home rating.

Lastly, observe the customer service in the funeral home. Make sure the funeral director is helpful in accommodating your family’s needs as a way to ease the grieving the process.

See what services are offered 
As a consumer, you have the right to know what type of services and products a funeral home offers. One factor to consider is whether it will arrange a service featuring your family’s religious and cultural traditions. You should find out if a funeral ever arranged services with similar customs. Also, if you choose a funeral home but it doesn’t offer a particular product, see if you will be allowed flexibility in acquiring a product from a third-party vendor.

Know the costs of services
In Canada, a typical full funeral service will cost between $6,000 and $10,000.  Learn the costs of a funeral home’s products. Ask about payment installment options or if payment can be made in advance to avoid inflation costs. Inquire whether there are hidden fees also. A reputable funeral home should not saddle you with unwanted or unnecessary product or service options as part of a “package.” A funeral home is legally mandated to provide its consumers with a categorized list of services so consumers can see the breakdown of expenses.