Many public and private services, manufacturing facilities, and small businesses require their employees to wear uniforms. Most companies provide them at low cost or for free.  However, is it really necessary or beneficial for a company to spend thousands of dollars in garments? Most importantly, what are the benefits of uniforms? And who benefits from them?

Positive ImageEmployees wearing identical coats and slacks give an image of coherence.  Using the company color presents a professional and unified image.  However, employees must be responsible for ensuring their uniforms are clean and pressed. If their garments are not in top condition, it can reflect as the company being sloppy and unorganized.

Team Spirit and EqualityThe uniformity between colors creates a positive spirit among counterparts.  A unified color assists in creating equality among personnel. As they work together, they look alike, and they work for a common objective, employees can feel a sense of team spirit. At the same time, the company can benefit from employee’s good performance, coherence, and positive attitudes. In addition, the uniforms serve as positive advertisement when employees are in public.

The last question to be answered is who benefits from employees wearing uniforms? Numerous researches and published articles agree that the beneficiaries are the company, the employees, and the customers.


The employee

Besides not having to choose what to wear, there are other benefits to wearing a company uniform. A uniform gives identity to someone who likes his or her job and who is proud to work for the company. Also, having a visible company logo with their name gives the employee a sense of duty and responsibility as he or she represents the company. This person will think twice before behaving poorly in public.  Furthermore, when dressed similarly, it reinforces the “one team, one goal” spirit.

The company

By having employees dress alike with uniforms that contain a visible logo, the company can advertise its name and brand. In addition, uniforms promote equality and fairness. Uniformed employees will stand out in a crowd. This is particularly important at marketing events such as trade shows.

The Customer

Uniforms also positively help customers. They can identify who to approach for help and they can call the employees by their name, if it is listed on the uniform. Uniforms are particularly important to assist customers during events.  Customers and potential customers may be at a location unknown to them and if everyone is dressed casually, it can be challenging trying to figure out who is actually working the event.

Cautions to experience the benefits

After all said, remember that first impressions and appearances are critical to the outside world. Having employees dress alike gives a sense of structure and neatness.  When customers see employees either at your stores or in the field, it makes your company stand out.  Incoherence, dirty uniforms, or ratty ones are going to hinder the company’s image. Working with a company that offers uniform services will ensure that employees wear clean uniforms every day.

Author Byline:

Jerry Martin is the VP of Sales & Marketing at Prudential Overall Supply, a leading uniform services company.