Follow Fashion

• We see fashion as something most of us follow. We also know it as the clothes that we wear as a whole and individually, they usually start what is called a trend which nearly everyone has to end up wearing. No matter what you say you cannot get away from the fact that clothes are a major influence in our everyday lives and express who we are.

Clothes were a Necessity

Then became a statement
• But this was not always the case, back before clothes were seen as a fashion item or statement clothes were only worn to protect us from the weather and to cover up parts of our bodies. We never really allowed clothes to play such an important role in our lives as it does today. Once clothes became an important part of our lives we started to see them differently. For example when going to the theatre people started to make sure that they wore their best clothes so they would not stand out in a bad way, no one wants to see someone dressed in shabby clothing when everyone else around them is looking very dapper or very smart.

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Fashion Back in the Day

Covering up
• Another thing that did not happen when people first started wearing nice clothes was allowing parts of their bodies to be shown, clothes were made to be dignified yet attractive.
Showing off too much
• Nowadays it seems that most people are only interested in how much flesh they can show off, with their low cut tops and very short shorts or skirts, it seems that fashion has gone in the complete opposite direction. For some reason kids today want to show off their legs and the shorter the skirt the better.

Wanting to be Noticed

• We all understand that people want to be noticed and stand out from everyone else but is this the way to go about it? Since when did you have to be wearing next to nothing to get noticed?

What Fashion means Today

Youth of today
• The problem is that even though the youth of today are wearing these kinds of outfits nothing is being done about it, so how can we say anything when it is allowed to carry on.
• What needs to happen is for our youth to be shown that you can still wear very nice clothing which is very different from what everyone else is wearing and how to accessorise correctly and how to add little touches that will get you noticed but in a good way instead.

The Impressions made by People

Bad impressions
• This unfortunately gives off a bad impression of the way people dress today and makes people think the wrong things about people.
Meeting someone for the first time
The ten second rule
• Just because you are wearing a very short skirt and tiny top does not mean that you are trying to be something you’re not, but within the first ten seconds of meeting someone you have already decided what sort of person they are and you could be completely wrong.

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