Many professional musicians who enjoy playing for large crowds or at small venues often have to travel abroad. Taking tours around the world is often a part of the job and can make for a busy life on the road. For musicians who want to successfully travel abroad, there are a few important tips to follow to avoid stress and complications.

On Tour: How Musicians Can Successfully Travel Abroad

Use Rack Cases

Rack cases from companies like Encore A&S Case Company are essential items to have to transport valuable musical equipment with shock prevention and superior vibration dampening provided with the products. This also helps to offer a climate controlled environment by keeping electronic gear cooler to prevent damage to the items in different environments.

Pack Healthy Snacks

The food that is available while on the road is known to be unhealthy, which can make it easy to get sick or catch a cold when you’re scheduled to perform. Make it a point to stop at grocery stores once arriving in your destination and packing healthy snacks for the flight. This will allow you to have more energy when it’s time to get on stage and entertain people.

Avoid Sleeping to Prevent Jet Lag

You may be tempted to go to sleep for several hours once arriving in another country overseas, but this can make it easy to suffer from jet lag for up to a week. Force yourself to go to bed at the local time instead of following the same schedule that you’re used to. This will make the rest of the trip easier, especially if you need to perform within the first 24 hours of landing.

Travel Light

You may want to be prepared for traveling abroad as a musician to ensure that you have the essentials, but traveling light can make it easier to get around faster. You’ll have enough instruments and gear to carry, which can make it challenging to have multiple suitcases that aren’t always necessary. Avoid packing too much gear or too many clothes while also purchasing a few items that you may need once you get to your destination.

Although it may be challenging to travel abroad as a musician with the amount of musical equipment and gear that you need to pack, there are a few tips that will prove to make the process easier. You can enjoy less stress and a smoother trip, which will allow you to perform better for your fans.