EXIN Certifications

Presently we are living in a world which pays considerable value of certification. This is the reason why EXIN is operating as one of the leading certification provider organizations. They excel in providing the IT certification for IT professionals who aim to do something bigger in the realm of IT. If you are an IT professional and looking for various ways to expand your career opportunities than this course is the best for you. EXIN has served about 1.5 million certifications to IT professionals across the world. They have delivered the certificates in more than 125 countries in 25 unique languages. What makes them the best is that they help organizations in generating an active and highly proficient workforce. They are the best not only for individuals but also for government and organizations. EXIN aims to visualize the dream of a world highly equipped in the IT sector doing wonders beyond bounds! All of this has made EXIN the brand desired by all. It is widely known and globally accepted and organizations know the worth of acquiring a certificate from EXIN. So if you are considering about getting one of your own then don’t wait up as this can be the best career decision you ever made!


Important to know:

All of this information is acquired from the EXIN official website which means it is from reliable and authentic source. All the rules and regulations regarding these certification exams are provided on their website. So explore www.exin.com and get all your queries answered.

Once you have given the exam, you will receive an email from EXIM within 3 days asking you to confirm your contact and personal details. If you fail to provide these details then EXIN will be unable to deliver the certificate to you.

Make sure that you give the correct email address which accepts email from EXIN. And if you want the certificate to be shipped to you then must specify the shipping address. Otherwise the entire certificates will be delivered to you on your email address.

EX0-101 Exam ITIL Foundation

EX0-101 exam is known to be the most favorite EXIN certification exam. Many IT professionals desire to add this credential in their qualifications.

EX0-101 helps you to achieve competitive edge over your peers by making you stand out in the eyes of your employer. It will fortify the employment prospects and opens up various doors of career opportunities.

This course is similar to EX0-117 but the difference is that EX0-101 is based on the syllabus of 2007. Which means this is an exam of earlier times and the topics till 2007 and before are included in this certificate. EX0-117 on the other hand is a newer exam based on the syllabus of 2011.

Exam Details:

It’s not an open book exam and any form of electronic device is not allowed in the exam


The time allowed will be 60 minutes.


Total number of the question will be 40 out of which 26 must be answered correctly to clear the exam.