Make Your Next App a SuccessMaking a cellphone application that people want to buy is no easy feat. Everyone wants to be the one to make the next Angry Birds or Instagram and with the growing accessibility of mobile app development, anyone can have a shot at it. With such a massive amount of competition in the world of application development, it takes a lot to create a successful cellphone app, check out these three things your app needs to have a chance at success.


Before you go quitting your job because you’re sure the new app you’ve designed will make millions, browse the Google play store and apple iTunes store for apps similar to yours. You might be surprised to find out that there is already an app that is just like yours. In many cases this is an inevitable reality so if you want to make your app unique, download a few of the similar apps and use them over the course of a few days, not the parts of the apps you don’t like and try and think of ways you can improve them in your own.

Even if your application design is a purely recreational endeavor and you don’t plan on making any money, it is important that you avoid using copyrighted material. This means using trademarks, a name similar to another company, or graphics owned by someone else. Even if your intentions were not to steal someone else’s content, you could get in a great deal of legal trouble if your application is not completely original.


There’s nothing more annoying than dealing with an app that is glitchy or has long load times. It is possible that your app might work fine on your phone but not work on a one. Before make your app official, use it on several different kinds of phones and devices to see how it works. If you notice your app takes a long time to load or acts weird on a certain phone, investigate the cause and try your best to improve it. While you may not be able to make an app that works perfect on every phone, it should run well on most.

Categories and Subcategories 

After you’ve gotten all the kinks worked out and your new app is functioning well, it is time to submit your app. But before it goes on the market, you’ll need to define the categories and subcategories it pertains to. Ideally you will have primary and secondary categories to choose from to optimize the accessibility of your app. Before you submit your app make sure that the primary and secondary categories you chose are relevant to the app and easy for people to search for.

Even with these three tools, it’s quite possible your app won’t get the attention you know it deserves. Don’t let that discourage you but instead let it drive your efforts in working towards improvement. Don’t be afraid to let go of an old idea and start fresh, sometimes a new idea is all it takes.

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