Liver cancer is a deadly cancer that can eventually cause a person’s liver to fail. Cancer, in all its forms, is best treated if it is diagnosed at an early stage. Unfortunately, most people fail to identify the signs of cancer until it’s quite late. If detected in the early stages, between stages 1 to 3, it can be treated through chemotherapy. But, while chemotherapy is also used for advanced stages, it is not as effective. Liver cancer must be diagnosed as early as possible, and there are some clear signs that you need to look out for. Most people don’t see any symptoms in the early stages, but there are a few symptoms that might appear. Here are a few things that you should know about liver cancer and its treatment procedure.


One of the clearest signs that the liver is malfunctioning is if you start losing weight without trying. You will notice a major loss in your appetite over time and a consistent pain in your upper abdomen. If these are common things that occur with you on a daily basis, you might want to go to a doctor. General weakness and fatigue are also common signs, and you will start suffering from nausea and vomiting regularly as well. The liver’s primary function is to clean the blood, and when that doesn’t happen, the body starts to suffer. You will notice yellow discoloration of the skin as well, which is a clear sign that something’s wrong with the liver.

Seeing the Doctor

If you are based in Thailand, there are many oncology centers that solely deal with treatment of cancer in the body. You should see a doctor if you are experiencing any kind of the symptoms mentioned above. The earlier you take action, the better it will be for you. Liver cancer treatment in Thailand is available from several hospitals, and you can do a simple search online to find out about local clinics that offer treatment. Set up an appointment right away and the doctor will prescribe a few tests. Get the tests done as quickly as possible so that you can start treatment. If cancer is found, you will need to start preparing for treatment, which is usually chemotherapy.


Chemotherapy basically involves administering a plethora of different drugs to treat various diseases. Chemotherapy is incredibly hard on the body, mainly because it’s not used to so many drugs. You will notice your hair falling out. The goal of chemotherapy is to first control the spread of cancer in the body, and then palliate it. If chemotherapy is working, the cancer will begin to recede. In some cases, a part of the liver might need to be removed as well. Many people suffer a lot of pain in their body while they are undergoing chemotherapy, so it’s best if you seek support from your friends and family members. These are just a few things that you should know about cancer treatment.