All most all of them consider their hair to be one of the most aesthetic part of our face. As such, baldness can dominate person’s appearance, drawing their attention from a beautiful face to their head. A hairline is something that is defined as, where your scalp hair borders your forehead and frames your face, bringing out the beauty and richness of one’s features.

When the hairline starts to recede, simultaneously the background of one’s facial features also recede. The main intention of hair restoration is to restore your appearance to the condition before hair loss another critical decisions in hair restoration is to determine where should be your new hairline, it should carefully be discussed with your physician. The physician should follow several cosmetic rules to design the hairline.

Hair almost grows everywhere on human body except palms and feet, but many times hair that grow are so fine that they are cannot be seen with our naked eyes. Hair is made up of protein which is called as keratin that produces hair follicles in outer layer of skin. Clinicspots is an online medical facilitator that provides high quality service and gives information related to cost of hair transplant in Bangalore or you can consult a doctor online anytime for any medical emergency. In modern saying hair transplant is the way to fight baldness. It is an surgical process that includes removal of hair from donor area and transplanted back to the other area of hair thinning.

Can Hair Transplant Create New Hairline?

Answer to this question is Yes, there are certainly possibilities to transplant hair follicles that reconstructs your hairline

What is it all about?

  • Recreating your hairline is nothing more than simple procedure that men usually undergo
  • It takes maximum time of about 18 months – 2 years to create a head full of hair
  • It allows men to enjoy their life without even worrying about losing their hair
  • It provides them with the ability to maintain their youthful appearance that holds their lifestyle beautifully
  •  As this generation is referred as competitive world, a youthful age is recognized with vast experience where it becomes important to maintain your youthful vigour appearance

Doctor must keep following things in mind with the use of cosmetic guideline, also tools available for creating hair line:-

  • Thumb rule- divide the face in three equal proportions
  • Measuring more than 8 cm from the mid-glabellar point
  • Customize the exact shape of hairline by your self such as: widows peak, and correct flaring
  • Creating different shapes of forelock for people with less number of donor area
  • Irregular soft and subtle hairline

The recreated hairline by hair transplantation is one that has natural look and mixes up with the other facial features. The physician should take into consideration the facial contour, ethnicity, sex, age, hair characteristics, patient desire, expectations, type of donor hair selected, graft placement, size of grafts and overall technique of transplant to ensure a natural appearance to a particular person.

  • The best results of hair restoration require complete agreement of patient. Moreover, hairline can be reconstructed surgically, it is always more than better to get it right for the first time
  • The physician should assess your hair restoration with open and free mind
  • As you have strong ideas of how to step forward whereas, your physician might have other recommendations based upon the likelihood of need for future procedures if your hair loss continues to fall
  •  It may be necessary to consider the need in future revisions in hairline to accommodate progressive balding
  • AGE IS THE MAIN FACTOR. If you shed your hair since small age greater is the risk for you to lose your hair when you grow old
  • The physician have to be patient to explain his recommendation properly as of which hair line should be based on patient’s age, shape, availability of donor, texture and hair colour to reach a satisfactory compromise.

It is about making taking a chance that is correct option for you in your life. This is a great technique of hair transplant that makes you look and feel rejuvenated without any kind of burden related to major surgeries or medications that affect your health in present or in future. But the first step towards understanding the procedures is to find a centre in your area that would alleviate your worries.

 A hair transplant is a great way to make a positive change and make you feel your best throughout your life. It is all about living life without the burdens of growing old. It is a lifelong improvement with long lasting results that will give you back your energy of your young age. It is a procedure that does take up to a year but will be worth the end results.