Adults often know all too well how important it is to brush and floss. Few people have reached adulthood without a cavity, a root canal or even worse. When your kids get their first few teeth and start to go for their twice-yearly checkups, it’s time to get them into the habit of regular brushing and flossing.

The Morning and Night Routine Technique

Many parents simply make brushing and flossing a part of the morning and nighttime routines. For example, the morning routine might include getting dressed, making the bed, eating breakfast and brushing the teeth, while the nighttime routine might be putting on pajamas, brushing teeth and reading a bedtime story. The whole family can do this together to solidify the idea that this is something important for everyone. This will help your kids keep good dental health and it will help them develop and keep good oral hygiene throughout their life (Source: Smith Family Dental).

The Singing Technique

Make up a funny song that encourages your child to brush and floss her teeth. For example, you might sing, “It’s time to brush and floss” to the tune of The Muppet Show theme song, or “David uses his tooth brush, his tooth brush, his tooth brush” to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb. This makes it a little bit more fun for your child to tackle this task.

5 Motivating Tricks To Help Your Kids Remember To Brush and Floss

The Financial Incentive Technique

Some kids are highly motivated when it comes to money. Play into this by offering a quarter or dime every time she brushes her teeth. Limit it to two or three times a day, though, unless you want to allow her to take things too far. You can then encourage financial responsibility by letting her deposit her earnings into a bank account.

The App Technique

There’s no doubt that kids love electronics, so try using that to get them to remember to brush and floss. Set an alarm on your clock for the times when they need to brush and floss, or use an app like Brush DJ to make it more fun.

The Cool Accessory Technique

Try getting a toothbrush that features his or her favorite character, or perhaps a toothbrush that vibrates or plays music. Couple this with a toothpaste she likes and colorful flossers and she’ll be begging you to brush and floss. Many dentists will tell you that this will help make your kids more excited about brushing and taking care of their teeth.

Kids don’t always realize how important it is to brush and floss not only now, but for future dental health. When parents encourage this healthy habit in fun ways, kids are more likely to remember.