Your honeymoon is supposed to be enjoyed in the most romantic of places in the world and Bali is most definitely on that list. It has a wide range of locations and activities you can do with your loved one as you get to enjoy most of the culture and heritage in the area. Bali is rich in music, art, paintings and very hospitable people, all of which will make your time there spectacular. Let us look at the particulars that make it one of the most idyllic honeymoon destinations in the world.

  1. Amazing accommodation options

Bali has seen a significant rise in tourism over the past years. Thus they have a wide variety of accommodations for their tourists. You can enjoy your stay there in luxurious hotels, villas, resorts, beautifully decorated guest houses; you name it. Most of the well-known chain Hotels are there. You can decide to stay by the beach, in the jungle, up to the mountains, wherever your soul desires.

  1. Limitless tourist attraction sites

Bali oozes with attraction sites that you might not even get to visit them all. There are also a lot of activities that you can do together as a couple, which will make your experience even more incredible. If you are sports oriented, there is swimming, hiking, water rafting, surfing. For those more culturally inclined can engage in temple visits, checking out the many museums and art galleries, music, and dance, watching people in woods work creating some of their best work. The activities are many.

  1. Romantic

The whole atmosphere of Bali is just idyllic. Just imagine exploring the jungle with your loved one, going to the white sandy beaches, discovering the elephant cave, dancing and singing with the people, watching the beautiful sunrise and sunsets together. Does it get any more romantic than that? Let us not forget the plethora of spas and hot springs present there.

  1. Food

Bali is a very cultural place, and thus if you are a lover of food, this would be more than a paradise for you. You get to try out new kinds of food and pick up on ideas to spice up your home dinner dates. The cuisine there is very exquisite and caters for all, whether vegetarian, vegan, seafood lovers, meat lovers, the whole lot. We all know that food is one of the gateways to people’s hearts.

  1. The climate

Some ideal honeymoon destinations may limit you to the time of year when you can enjoy the favorable environment but not Bali. It is one of those places in the world with a year-round beautiful tropical climate. It doesn’t limit you with when you can go; it fits into whichever schedule. What’s more, you have options, you can enjoy the hot tropical climate and at some point go up the mountains to enjoy cooler temperatures.

By now, I know you are thinking of selecting Bali as your honeymoon destination; therefore, go ahead and contact The Seven Holiday who are pros in organizing an unforgettable Bali experience. The beauty and colorful culture await.