Croatia is an incredible country with astonishing islands, historic cities, and amazing coastlines. Situated in the European continent, this Mediterranean country is considered to be a traveler’s paradise as it comprises of a variety of scenic beauties.

Croatia tourism offers cost-effective accommodation, food, drinks, and other facilities to its visitors. Hence, a large number of people visit Croatia tourist spots to delight their itinerary. There is a plethora of tourist destinations found in the country of Croatia famous for the picturesque views they offer. Here are some of the interesting places that you must visit in Croatia.

Dubrovnik – City of Walls

Dubrovnik is one of the interesting places that you must visit in Croatia that dates back to the ancient medieval time. This fantastic walled city is set on the banks of the Adriatic Sea with a sunset view to die for. You can explore various places like monasteries, churches, palaces, and fountains here.

Hvar – Island of Lavender

Hvar is also known as the ‘Island of Lavender’ because of its lavender fields and vineyards. In this unique place, you can enjoy your day nestled in the middle of scented flowers. In addition to this, you can also visit the nearby tourist attractions. It is better to visit Hvar during the summer and mid-winter season so that you can feel the real beauty of this city.


Zagreb is one of the largest cities in Croatia and is widely popular for its old towns. This region comprises of many museums, art galleries, architectural buildings, outdoor cafes, etc. thus attracting a huge amount of visitors. Besides that, you can learn many things about the art, music, and culture of the country.


Split is the second largest city of Croatia where you can visit the white sand beaches and bluish waters. Apart from the beach activities, you can spend your time in rich bars and wineries. The enhanced beauty of Split is appreciated by the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Krka National Park

Krka National park is extended up to 27,000 acres along the river of Krka and is located in central Dalmatia. In this national park, you can witness different kinds of flora and fauna present in the midst of blue-green pools and stunning waterfalls.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the most interesting places in Croatia where you can feel the real essence of natural beauty with 16 different lakes, waterfalls and animal species. Since there are many hiking trails, this place is also known as the hiker’s paradise.


Rovinj is a Mediterranean fishing port which is nestled under the hilly peninsula. The group of fourteen islands gives you a romantic feel in this old town. Here you can try different European cuisines at luxury hotels and restaurants.

These are some of the many interesting places that you must visit in Croatia. Book the best Croatia tour package and visit these places to make unforgettable memories.