Festival season 2023 is fast approaching, and that means we have less time by the day to prepare for the big day. Festivals are so exciting, but they can also throw some unexpected challenges at us which are much harder to tackle without the right preparation. You and the thousands of other people who will be attending and camping at the festivals will all be in the same boat, which might give you some peace of mind if this is the first festival you are attending.

We have attended thousands of festivals and all made our own mistakes with things we have over-packed and under-packed. Learning from the people who have made mistakes before you is key if you are looking for the absolute essentials you need to pack.

Preparation is key, so if you are looking for the essentials you need to pack this festival season, take a look at the following suggestions:


Consider The Weather 

As with any outdoor activity, you need to consider what the weather will be like before you commit to packing anything. This would include checking the weather when you get closer to the date, and also confirming the general climate for the area in which the festival will be held. This will give you a better idea as to what you should pack, how much you should pack, and extras that will help you tackle all the possible weather conditions. Perhaps you are staying in a hotel to enjoy nature so you don’t have to worry about the weather, but if you are camping you should pack for the weather. For example, if you are going to a festival where it is likely to rain, you would make sure that a poncho is packed to avoid getting soaked whilst having a great time.


Do Not Over Pack

Additionally, it is more common for people to pack instead of under-pack. Essentially people like to prepare for the worst which is wise, but this also puts you at risk of over packing and having too much luggage to carry around the festival which is unnecessary. You might be wise to create a team with a group of people and pack things that can be distributed wisely such as one person carrying the tent, one carrying the mats, and one person carrying the beverages. Make things easier, and share your necessities when possible to avoid over-packing.


Bring Recyclable Gear

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the amount of waste and damage that is left within the areas where the festivals are held. Most festival attendees leave belongings like their tents and sleeping bags on the fields in which they slept for some time, leaving tonnes of waste to be collected. If you want to save your conscience from guilt, you should consider buying a recyclable tent that can be easily repurposed once you are finished using it. Also, you might consider bringing one reusable cup instead of wasting tons of plastic cups. This is much more environmentally friendly, and you will be an example for all of your friends.


What To Bring 

Now we have covered some of the basics to keep in mind, take a look at the essentials you should have packed to keep you prepared for your festival:


A Camping Rucksack 

First things first, you should make sure that you have a reliable camping bag to pack all of your belongings into. This bag should consist of a sturdy material, which will also be comfortable when being carried for long periods on your back. Many new festival goers make the mistake of bringing a suitcase which deems to be extremely irritating when being lugged across muddy, messy fields. Avoid the hassle, and invest in a great backpack that will carry all of your belongings whilst allowing for attachments such as your pillows and chairs.


Light Tent

As much as your tent should also be recyclable, you should also make sure that your tent should be lightweight. A lightweight tent will not only be kinder to your back when you are carrying it for miles, but it will also be easier to dispose of if you choose to do so. The only thing you should keep in mind is they are easier to blow away if they are left not secured to the ground, so make sure everything is strapped down as much as possible before leaving your tent unmanned.


Sleeping Mat

A sleeping mat is a great thing to bring if you are looking to have a good night’s sleep. If you have the space to pack one, you might also consider a self-inflating mattress if you are looking to camp in style. It can often be a hot and uncomfortable night’s sleep in a tent after a festival, so try to pack a sleeping mat if you can do so.


Comfy Sleeping Bag

Also, a great sleeping bag will go a long way if you are looking for a cosy night’s sleep in the most torrential editions. A great sleeping bag will also be valuable if you are looking to stay away from the creepy crawlies that can creep into the tent at night, so make sure you don’t forget one!


Insect Sprays 

Speaking of creepy crawlies, do not forget to bring their insect repellents to avoid any nasty bites on your body. Festivals that are outdoors are likely to be full of critters which can irritate, so bring as many sprays and rolls as possible because not many festivals will sell them once you are in there.


Cool Outfits 

The most important element of any great festival is your choice of outfit. You need to make sure that you have all of your outfits prepared before you get to the festival to avoid over-packing or even not having enough clothes. Festival outfits can be as eccentric or as minimal as possible, but just make sure you have a clean outfit for each day. 


Hygiene Products

All frequent festival goers know the feeling of being dirty and unwashed whilst attending festivals. Most festivals will feature showers, but they likely will; be unsightly and not very hygienic. You should bring hygiene products such as shower gel and deodorant regardless of what the shower situation is. Worst case scenario you will fall into a huge pile of mud and require a water bottle shower, but at least you will have the tools to clean yourself off! 

Camping Chair 

Finally, many people at festivals neglect the importance of bringing a camping chair. Other than the ground, there will be little to no place for sitting and relaxing so it would be a good idea to bring a chair just to give you a small sense of being at home. There is nothing better than sitting in your camping chairs around a fire whilst waiting for the music to start, so make sure you bring one.