Are you thinking about throwing the best beach party by the ocean? Although planning for one may seem like a lot of work, it’s doesn’t necessarily have to be. Here are five steps you should consider completing to throw a great beach party with your friends and family.

5 Steps To Throwing The Best Beach Party by The Ocean

Determine Your Budget

The first step you should complete to throw the best beach party is to determine your budget. It’s important you know how much you can spend before hiring a caterer, renting a portable toilet, and more. By figuring out your budget, you can better determine what you can and can’t spend on.

Choose a Location

Next, you should choose a location for your beach party. Although it may seem obvious to say the location is the beach, you need something a little more specific. After all, if you just tell your friends to meet you at the beach, they’re not going to know what part of the beach to meet you at. It’s also important to choose an unpopulated area of the beach to throw your party, so it won’t be interrupted by people that aren’t your guests.

Rent a Portable Toilet

After determining your budget and choosing a location at the local beach, you should contact a port-a-potty company to rent a portable toilet for your event. This can be incredibly important if the beach doesn’t have public restrooms since you need a place for guests to go to the bathroom after eating and drinking food.

Hire a Caterer

After renting out a portable toilet for your event, you should also hire a caterer. Although you don’t have to hire a five-star restaurant to cater to your beach party, you should contact local restaurants to see who will cater to your event. This will make food delivery to your party a lot easier and will influence more guests to come if you say the event is catered.

Invite Your Guests

Finally, the last step you should take to throw the best party by the ocean is to invite your guests. It’s important to choose a date that you know your friends and family will be able to come and not have conflicting events at the same time. After choosing a date, send out cards, texts, or emails asking your guests to RSVP, so you know how much food you’ll need to buy for the party.

There are a number of things you need to cross off your list to host the best beach party by the ocean. From determining your budget to inviting your guests, hopefully with the help of the tips above, you can get a better idea on how to throw a fun beach party.