A few decades ago, a water filter was not a necessity – it was a luxury. Just like all other luxuries of the past, it was thought to be an expensive and superficial addition to your lifestyle. Tap water, an abundant and cheap source of water, was clean. There were no effluent discharges in the water or the kind of ecosystem pollution we see today.

Today, simple chlorination at water plants does not ensure you are getting the cleanest possible water. For example, benzene, even as diluted as five parts for every billion, can be extremely harmful if present in water. It is a dangerous cancer causing compound. At the same time, metals in the water supply can cause nervous and renal system disorders.

awesome-bottle-setHowever, today there are many reasons to buying a water filter and it has become a modern necessity. For yourself, and for your family and friends, it is essential to invest in availing the cleanest water you can afford. For many who have been drinking tap water till date, the taste of clean water from a high quality filter will indeed be a refreshing change.  A modern water filter can also be used to get both hot and cold water at a moment’s notice instead of cooling or heating water later.

Here is a simple guide to buying a water filter for your office and residential needs. You do not need to splash out money on the most expensive model, or necessarily obsess about buying the best technology. It is more important to buy the one which is more relevant to your water drinking needs.

Dispensers with in-built filtration

For office or home purposes, some may find it convenient to buy a water dispenser with filtration technology in-built. The one-time cost is certainly cheaper than regularly buying and replacing pre-filled filtered water bottles.
Affordable, powerful filtration: a solution

Obviously, there is a need for a filter which can remove most, if not all of the harmful impurities from your water supply. An activated carbon block filter is, for many, the ideal solution. It works by simply attracting all impurities to itself, leaving the water absolutely clean. This is why activated carbon block filtration technology is today considered an essential globally.

Water-borne impurities are increasing day by day due to increase in industrial effluent discharges, more harmful compounds entering the water cycle through the ecosystem and weaker safeguards against pesticide and other seepages into groundwater. In such a scenario, water filters are becoming increasingly important.

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