Obesity is one of the most prevailing medical conditions. It is caused by gaining extra fat. Obesity is associated with metabolic syndrome which makes one prone to Type 2 Diabetes and various Heart Diseases.

We gain weight in the most uncalled for ways. Some of us have lifestyles which might come off as “healthy” when actually, they involve habits which result in us gaining extra fat. To make you more mindful of your habits that might be causing such inconvenience, here’s a list of lifestyle mistakes you might be making which is limiting you from getting a size 2 dress:

  1. Not Sleeping Enough

Work hours are long! College doesn’t let you sleep! Life is tough, it’s all understood, but we really need to get more sleep. Loss of sleep makes you hungrier even when you’re full. It might sound strange but it is true. Fewer hours of sleep affects the secretion of cortisol which is a hormone that regulates appetite. Not just that, it also increases the fat storage in your body which means that even if you’re consuming a limited amount of fat, it still would be stored in your body which is something we definitely do not want. Moreover, sleep deprivation also slows down your metabolism, so if you’re working out and eating fairly healthily, you won’t be burning the number of calories you plan on losing.

Also, when you’re running on say, 2-5 hours of sleep you’re more sluggish and lethargic meaning lower physical activity. Combine high-calorie intake and physical activity and BAM! You have the perfect recipe for weight gain. Lesson to be learned is to get in at least 8 hours of sleep to not just keep your body from gaining extra fat but also getting the glowing skin you desire and the energy you require for that big meeting!

  1. Portion Sizes

Portion sizes are the key to both weight gain and weight loss. They are pretty tricky so you have to be smart when it comes to them. Portion sizes refer to the amount of food that you’re required to eat in a sitting based on your current weight. We often confuse it with serving size. Eating too much will give you belly fat and you might undergo the process of removing the fat. CoolSculpting Indianapolis, is a clinic which specializes in a treatment called coolsculpting. This treatment helps reduce fat without surgery.

Coping with larger portion sizes is a matter of stopping when you feel full. Another way in having just the right amount of food is chewing slowly so that you feel satisfied sooner than later. With that, for home cooked meals, try to serve the meal on a smaller plate or bowl which will make the meal look substantial. For better results, you can invest in portion control dishes as well.

  1. Netflix isn’t always your best friend

Most of the time we grab our plate and sit across Netflix, watching Friends and many other shows. This is potentially a reason why you’re gaining that extra fat without even realizing it. When you’re watching something or even are on your phone, you tend to eat faster and consequently, more. This results in your brain processing that you’re full a little later. This is why you tend to overeat.

The best way to have your meal is without having any distractions. This way you won’t be overeating and, with that, you can also appreciate the great taste of food that you made!

  1. Timing!

The timings are surprising, also important when it comes to staying in shape or gaining extra fat. It is imperative that you have your last meal i.e. dinner, four hours before sleeping. These four hours would be enough for your body to digest whatever you’ve had properly before going into the sleeping mode.

As we all know, our digestive system slows down when we’re sleeping which is why having dinner late is harmful to your body. Also, it can result in bloating as well, which is a total no-no. Moreover, say no to deserts. These treats are usually sweet and will defy the purpose of getting done with your dinner earlier. The best solution to the sweet craving post-dinner is to have tea, sparkling water or anything without calories.

  1. Misunderstanding

This one might not be a lifestyle of choice and can be deemed as a lack of awareness on our parts. We are being misunderstood by various online portals where scientific theories are being misinterpreted and even the big large corporates.

Many supermarkets carry “Low Fat” items, which are drenched in sugar and instead of making us healthy, shoot up our weights. The best way to approach these goods is to check the ingredients on the packaging. With that, calories play a role here as well. Being fat-free is not enough, we’re looking to consume lower calories.