When you think about cosmetic surgery the first thing that comes to mind is acts of vanity and ego. Modern culture loves to speculate on the latest cosmetic surgery undertaken by our stars and celebrities. So this has left many with the view that these kinds of surgeries are superficial and solely related to good looks and fighting the reality of aging. This not entirely true as cosmetic surgery can help people overcome physical issues that due major damage to their self-esteem and how they view themselves. These types of surgery not only improve body but also have a positive effect on mental health. The following are just a few of the cosmetic surgeries people get to improve their personal self-image.

The Many Different Types Of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures


You may know this procedure by its more common name the tummy tuck. The reason for this surgery is to firm the abdominal area. This involves removal of lose skin and fat from the lower abdominal area. The causes that could lead you to seek out this surgery include childbirth and weight loss.


This is any type of surgery involving the breast. There are three types of common surgery. Breast augmentation or breast implants involve the implementation of saline or silicone gel implants or in some cases fat grafting. Breast reduction is the opposite. This operation involves the removal of skin and breast tissue to reduce size. This is often done to reduce back and joint pain. Often it is used in treatment of rare medical conditions of extensive breast growth. The final common breast operation procedure is a breast lift. The breast are lifted and reshaped by removal of excess skin. Like tummy tucks this is often caused by childbirth or weight loss.


A cosmetic surgery involving the reshaping and repair of the nose. This is not always done for reasons of aesthetics. Often this type of surgery is done to repair damage to the nose. Damages that rhinoplasty seeks to repair includes blunt trauma to the nose or piercing damage.

Lip Augmentation:

This procedure seeks to improve the appearance of the lips through making them appear fuller. This effect is often achieved with injections. The type of injections currently being used is hyaluronic acid, which has become popular and is replacing collagen in a lot of current surgeries.


You may know this cosmetic surgery as one of the most famous types the face-lift. This surgery is done to grant the patient a younger appearance. It involves the removal of lose skin on the face that has started to sag due to age. The current theme with doctors performing this procedure has seen a more holistic shift. Before you could say the main concern was just with the tightness of the skin and the elimination of wrinkles. Modern doctors are now more concerned with the overall appearance of the patient and the aesthetics involved.


As you can clearly see there are a lot of different cosmetic surgery types out there and the methods, ideals, and approach can differ even in the same surgery. The goals are not always simple ego. As you can see there are often other factors involved such as changes in health, accidents, events outside of the person’s control, and mental well-being to consider. Cosmetic surgery should be looked at as something that can improve the physical and mental health of those who choose to undertake it. In that respect it is no different than any other surgery you might receive at a hospital.

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