India is considered as a hub of knowledge for thousands of years. The first university of the world by the name of Takshashila was founded in India. Albert Einstein, the greatest ever scientist once said that we all owe a lot to Indians as they are the ones who taught us counting without which scientists wouldn’t have been possible to make any discovery. India is ideally located on the world map and it is a popular destination for many international students seeking education. Following are the reasons for studying in India for foreign students:

· The country offers quality education to all its students willing to undertake their courses

· The degrees can be attained at very affordable cost

· English is the official language of India and all higher education in India is given in English language.

· The country has a vibrant atmosphere and it is such an ideal city life for international students.

· The students can choose from a large number of universities in India.

· Almost all the disciplines that you would like to enroll in are taught in India for foreign students.

Higher Education in India:

The higher education in the country starts after the students pass their 12th grade examination. Then, they have the choice to choose their specific career. The degree earned after the 12th grade is the bachelor’s degree. The time required to earn the bachelor’s degree varies according to the discipline you want to study. Following are the years required for students studying higher education in India according to their preferred discipline:

· The business and the majority of Arts and humanities degrees take 3 years.

· Engineering and Computer sciences programs take 4 years to be precise.

· The postgraduate courses in all disciplines can take 2 – 3 years.

· The PhD program can take anytime between 3 -5 years depending on the subject you are studying.

Educational Opportunities in India:

India welcomes students from all around the world but majority of foreign students studying in India are from the Asian and African countries. It is mainly because of the reason that India offers quality education and comparatively lower prices as compared to the European and American universities. The students from majority of the developing countries from all parts of Asia and Africa come to India for getting quality yet affordable degrees. The universities in India do have a tough criterion for selection of International students. It is mainly because of the reason that India has limited number of universities but thousands of international students apply each year. Following are the numbers of higher education institutes in all over India:

· 18,000 colleges.

· 20 central universities.

· 220 state universities.

· 110 Deemed universities.

· 13 institutes for natural importance.

India is definitely a prime choice for so many Asian and African students, and even Americans, just to mention a few, who are seeking for quality degree at an affordable price. The rapidly growing IT sector of India is one of the top preferences as well for the foreign students. Further, attaining the <Indian visa> is also very easy for students. It doesn’t have very tough requirements as with American and European countries visa.