In the earlier articles we have already explained what discount it and how it works. The student discount which is exclusively for students and how it helps both the consumers and the retailers. Just like online discount for students, there are a number of other facilities for students to cut their expenditure and cash in on their budget (and perhaps save some money for the birthday party that’s due). On a similar line, several similar offers have come up lately for the students to enjoy the same products but at a relatively lower price.

You must have heard about a student card. Well if you haven’t then there is no need to worry as in the following article we will be explaining to you what a student card is and how it works to avail discounts for students.  A student advantage card (as it is also called for the numerous advantages it gives to the students) is just like any other identity card. If you’re studying in a University then you’re eligible to avail various discounts for students, all you require is a student advantage card. The student advantage card is readily available in a huge collection of colours as per the liking and preference of different students. The applicant needs to select a colour for their student advantage card and move on to the next step. You can look for various websites online that provide you applications for the card.

The applicant is required to fill his name, address and other details in the application for this card. When applying, one is given the option to choose the validity of this card. In addition to the usual requirements, you are required to give your bank account details like in a standard  transaction (the card number, expiry date, name of the bank, etc). It can be only a year or you can chose to have a long life for you card for even a 3 year period. If you’ve already known about this card and are much impressed by the value it adds to your spending then it is highly recommended that you go ahead and get your card validated for a long period so as to avoid any renewal or reapplication related troubles. However, if you are still new to this student advantage cards and only have half a heart to go for it, or if you’ve been recommended about it from a friend and want to try it out on a trial basis then 1 year validity of the card would best suit your requirements. A small sum is charged for the issuance of this card which the students gladly shed.

Upon application, the student advantage card is delivered to the address as per the application form, in duration of about a week. Because the card is used quite often, the name is printed on it using thermal techniques to avoid its fading off under any circumstances. Moreover, you’d be glad to have your card as it is not only of the shade you selected but also comes with a unique mesmerising design that catches quite a few eyeballs. Its sophisticated, sturdy and glamorous, one you might be tempted to pop out of your pocket and show off its possession on any occasion. So what are you waiting for ? Go ahead and apply for your student card. As soon as you receive one, you’ll be entitled to exciting discounts on various products and services in your area.