Summer camps are a fun way for children to bond and have fun with their peers. But besides pure fun activities like singing by the campfire or telling ghost stories there are some huge advantages children can reap by staying in a summer camp with their peers and having lots of amazing experiences together.

The physical benefits of being in a summer camp are indisputable and even the most sedentary kids can benefit from activities in the gym and in the open air. Today fitness is not just something that people do to maintain their body image and feel good about themselves. Increasingly it is about staying alive and extending one’s life span. Obesity among children is an epidemic and it can only be stopped if children learn to do exercises by themselves and actually enjoy physical activities so they don’t really need to be coerced to do it. If they actually want to do it by themselves they are far more likely to succeed at what they are doing and have fun with the activity at the end of the day. It is important to help children make the most of their physical strength and also learn to build it up as they go into adulthood and actually need more exercise as their metabolism slows down and they have to be more effective with every exercise or fitness regime they choose. It is vital to teach kids to have realistic goals and to maintain a healthy weight while actually having fun. Summer camps can help a great deal with those goals.

Creativity, Joy Of Life, Friendships – Summer Camp Benefits

Another problem modern kids have is lack of socialization and when they go to a summer camp they learn to meet new friends and get along with everyone just fine. It is a great way to be on their own under the supervision of adults but not with as much control as when they are around mom and dad. They can make decisions about relationships on their own and finally learn to be independent and have fun with everything they are doing. It is important for children to make the most of their fun experiences and to realize their potential to the full. Making new friends can be a great way to learn to do the right things in life and to form long lasting relationships that go through different stages, where children have to work at it to succeed.

Arts are an important part of every summer camp. Kids who love arts can grow up into well-rounded individuals who love their lives and themselves and always find an outlet for their creative passions. Enjoying painting and sculpting, writing poetry or short stories, singing and dancing can be a nice way to spend the summer. When getting a child into summer camp they need to be prepared and parents can help them do that by prepping them for the experience.

Mary Sheena for Summer Day Camp in Windsor Terrace with the assistance from day care programs at North Williamsburg & Greenpoint