I suppose one of the more challenging things about being the father of twins is that things happen to them at the same time. So, you tend not to have the experience of having “been through this before”.

This was true a couple of years ago when both Alan and Grace finished their full-time education on the same day. Neither wanted to go to university, at least not at that stage. Luckily in the current economic climate both did manage to find themselves a job.

How I Could Become Smarter than I Used to Be.

Now they are beginning to be a bit restless in terms of building a career. But it’s difficult when you don’t have either the experience or necessary qualifications. I mentioned this to my boss Sandra during coffee break last Friday and she told me her daughter Bryony had found distance learning courses a terrific idea.

Sandra explained that it’s a great way either to gain new qualifications or simply to add vocational experience to your resume. She told me that Bryony had completed a forensic psychology course and had now decided to go on to university to take a psychology degree.

When I got home I went online and did some research. I discovered that a huge range of subjects are available. One great thing is that you can learn at a pace that suits you. So you can study without disrupting your work; either adding to your current job skills or to prepare for heading off in a new direction.

Alan and Grace are both enthusiastic about this idea. They’re not identical twins though – Grace is thinking about a counselling BTEC and Alan about business studies.

I’ve kept very quiet about it, but I’ve always been interested in the past. So, having left school at sixteen, just for fun I thought I might have a go at a history A level!