The beginning of 21st century has brought various changes in technology, especially in the mobile technology. Smartphones are the fastest growing technology that evolves to be faster, better and efficient. One of the major problems with students nowadays is that they spend a lot of time using their mobile phones. Latest research proves that a youth spends around 7 hours on an average using his smartphone. But this smartphone can be helpful for students in their studies. Mobile has emerged as a major teaching tool for everyone, having interactive and engaging lectures. The various Mobile applications have emerged to be the best way for learning. These provide the user with ease of learning including audio, videos, animations where learning can be much more interesting and faster for students.

Let us have a glimpse of various benefits of mobile phone contributing to learning- 

(i) Visualization in action- What can be the best way for studying rather than learning along with visualization. It has been scientifically proven that videos help to develop a long-term memory, thus helps us to retain the knowledge for a long duration. This is the reason why most of the learning application focuses more on learning rather than studying through traditional means of learning via textbooks. Such as topics like volume of sphere can be easily understood though 3D videos rather than textbooks. 

(ii) Personalized learning- A personalized learning tool adapts according to the performance of the students. As everyone has a different pace of learning, thus providing students with a personal tool for learning can be helpful for them to learn without any stress of excelling. This can help students to learn in the best possible way.

(iii) 24*7 Availability- One can easily have access to studies whenever and wherever they want, even while travelling. As the mobile is in possession of the users every second of time, they can invest more time in learning through their phones, study through videos, solve questions, clear doubts and various other advantages. 

(iv) Systematic Learning- A proper arranged sequence of topics helps the user to study along the flow, without any hindrance. This helps to understand topics in a much better way. Many times, a topic may be related to a previous topic, so these interrelated topics should be studied in a sequence. Topics like Profit and loss can be understood having good knowledge of ratio & proportion and percentage. Thus, systematic learning helps to understand the topic with ease.

All these benefits of mobiles help users to learn through mobile applications allowing users to understand in a far better way.

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