As you are diagnosed by a specialist of breast cancer in Singapore, there is no doubt that a large amount of anxiety and fear will rush through your mind. Questions also seem to rise one after the other, such as “Why me out of all people?” or “How do I tell my children?” With all the problems that come with having breast cancer, these might take a toll on your emotional and mental health. Stress is one thing that comes up on its own while you try to cope with the challenges and difficulties of having breast cancer.

breast cancer in Singapore

Also, in having breast cancer, you need to be able to handle two situations. First, enduring the fact that you are diagnosed with breast cancer. And second, handling the practical problems that come along with being diagnosed with breast cancer. So as you see, you also have to deal with the side challenges that accompany having breast cancer. As if having the disease is not enough, you should also be able to sort things out in order to get better.  Remember that being afraid and anxious is a normal part of the process, but this becomes a problem if you dwell on it so much that it slows you down from getting the help that you need.

Dealing with breast cancer is a hard task on hand. Here are some issues you should be prepared for while being on this process.

Knowing Who To Talk To And When

Some families do not find it easy when talking about issues such as cancer. They might feel that talking about it may upset the person within the family who has the disease. This might make you worry more if you are the person in the family who has the condition. You might feel that nobody is concerned or is thinking about how to get you better. These are normal anxious thoughts from a person with breast cancer, but always remember that they might not be talking about the topic because they want to avoid upsetting you. These people that are close to your heart only want you to be happy and them not talking about it does not mean that they are not frequently thinking of ways to help. So if your family does not find it as easy to talk about your disease as other families do, do not assume that they do not want to help. As a solution to this, you can simply initiate the conversation. Make sure your family knows that you are comfortable with the topic.

Friends are also a great outlet if you need someone to talk to. However, the same thing applies to this as well. Some friends try to change the topic when you try to talk about your disease and this might mean that they worry about making you sad or depressed. All in all, people around you are trying to help and are constantly looking for ways to assist you in getting well. Them not communicating to you about those things just means that they want you to avoid depression and stay as happy as possible.

Dealing With Anxiety

Being diagnosed by a specialist of breast cancer in Singapore and being aware that you are battling with a life threatening disease can surely give you some fears and thoughts that eventually lead you to be frightened. Anxiety is a normal step of the process but you should be able to learn to manage it so that it does not affect you negatively.

Self-help techniques are a great way to deal with anxiety. These include:

  • Find an Interest – This involves finding something you are passionate in doing. Shutting out negative thoughts is very easy once you get those positive ones in there. You might have some hobbies you want to get back to or interests, such as museums or plays you want to visit. Anything that sparks a flame inside of you can work as long as it makes you happy.
  • Exercise – Whether it be as simple as taking a walk or doing yoga, regular exercise can be very effective in clearing your mind of negativity and reducing levels of stress.
  • Living a Healthy Lifestyle – Resulting to alcohol or smoking is not a good way to lower levels of anxiety and stress when thinking of the long term effects. These could just lead to worse problems you have to deal with.