We observe many persons that have enlarged or twisted veins that appear mostly in their ankles and arms. Not anything serious, yet these veins can lead to other complications. Weakened valves in our legs may be the reason behind this ailment. Irregular functioning of these valves causes this disease. The resultant veins become large, weak and twisted. Aging and genetic factors are also responsible for varicose veins. Usually dark and twisted under the skin, these veins may result in aching, burning, heaviness, pain and tiredness in the legs. Swelled ankles and itching of the veins are also their symptoms. Leg swelling, calf pain, change of color, scaling, dryness of the skin and inflammation are also the signs of this ailment for which apt varicose veins treatment is a must.

Veins Problem

Different treatment methods – Following are the usual methods of treating the varicose veins:

a.      Surgery – This is perhaps the most common method of treating varicose veins. Pregnant women must wait for at least six weeks after the delivery before going for surgery of these veins. Surgery may not be best option for the patients that are concerned more about cosmetic reasons. Candidly, this method is suitable for the patients that have failed to get any benefit from homecare techniques or other lifestyle changes.

Vein ligation or avulsion is the most popular method of surgery for varicose veins. It is not that surgical operations are fool proof. These veins may reoccur because of certain wrong procedures during operation or other factors. Many tiny incisions and removal of the varicose veins becomes necessary under the avulsion method. Two incisions are necessary under the stripping method. Use of various devices is also involved in surgical operations as regards varicose veins treatment.

b.      Other methods of varicose treatment include endovascular laser therapy, radiofrequency ablation and ligation etc.

c.      Compression stockings – Use of such stockings is greatly helpful in controlling the ailment to great extent. Great relief is enjoyed from the ill effects of varicose veins. The patients that make use of these stockings find good results and soothing effects. They are able to check the inflammation and painful sensations because of these veins.

d.      Elevations of legs – Those suffering from varicose veins are advised to elevate their legs to the maximum possible. This is one of the best methods to get sufficient relief. Painful sensations and other ill effects of varicose veins can be got rid of with this particular method.

e.      Exercising – We see that the persons that remain inactive are more prone to this ailment. As such exercising and physical activities are a must for the patients. They must get involved in cycling, swimming, walking and other activities that help them to make use of their legs in excessive manners.

f.       Avoid prolonged sitting or standing – These two acts may also be behind varicose veins. Do not sit or stand for prolonged periods as they result in this disease.

Persons suffering from the disease may go in for the above methods of varicose veins treatment that give good relief.